Assist. Professor Dr. Jamal Manee Alrubaiy
Head of the Chemical   Engineering Department/Acting

In the name of Allah: (Say, Work righteousness; GOD will see your work, and so will His messenger and the believers).

-God Almighty has spoken the truth-

 Chemical Engineering Department was established in 1975, as a scientific department among the engineering departments at the university of technology to coincide with the year of founding the university in order to contribute in supplying our country with the competencies in the field of Chemical Engineering specialization. Since the first graduated constellation in 1979, which numbered Fifty-four students, the department was sought with all its potentials and the efforts of its professors, instructors and other academic staff in order to bridge the shortfall in the needs of national industry from the engineering staff who working in different fields of industry including the oil industry, petrochemical, construction, food, pharmaceutical. The department was adopted the scientific applied scheme by finding the communication channels with the industrial and oil sectors via signing the contracts with some companies such as Midland Oil Company, and the companies of Ministry of Industry. These connections have had a significant impact on the strengthening the scientific concepts and using them to serve both segments in industry and petroleum. The department continued to keep pace with scientific development and openness towards the edges of science through the introduction of new disciplines within the undergraduate study, which are represented in three scientific branches: The chemical processing engineering branch, the oil and gas refining engineering branch, and the industrial & oil pollution engineering branch with the aim of providing a chemical engineer at the University of Technology a distinct role in the functions needed by industrial development, which are not available in other Iraqi universities. Read more

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