Department Activities 2015-2016


Hold a meeting for Council of Chemical Engineering Department


God's blessing, it was held the fourth council session of the chemical engineering department on Tuesday 10/11/2015 with attending all members:

1-    Prof. Dr. Thamer Jassim Mohammed: Head of chemical engineering department

2-    Assistant Professor Dr. Salah Salman Ibrahim: Scientific Deputy of the Head of Department

3-    Assistant Professor Dr. Zaidoon Muhsin Shakoor: Administration Deputy of the Head of Department

4-    Lect. Dr. Walla’a Abdul Hadi Noori: Head of Oil and Gas Refinery Engineering Branch

5-    Lect. Dr. Amer Aziz Abdul Rahman: Head of Chemical Processing Engineering Branch

6-    Asst. Prof. Dr. Mhamed Fadhil Abid: Head of Industrial and Oil Pollution Engineering Branch

7-    Asst. Prof. Dr. Jamal Manee Ali: Representative of Academic Staff

8-     Name: Lect. Dr. Saad Raheem Sulttan: Registrar

It was also hosting Lect. Dr. Bashir Yousif; Chairman of the equipment inventory Committee as well as Asst. Lect. Maher Aziz; Director of the financial division in the department. We include below all the paragraphs that are discussed during the meeting:

1-    Student Affairs: Discuss the issue of textbooks for teaching the English language.

2-     Postgraduate Affairs: Discuss the minutes of the fourth session of the postgraduate committee.

3-    Scientific Affairs: Discuss the syllabus of English language for the first year students.

4-    Personnel Affairs: Discuss the sabbatical.

5-    General Affairs: Discuss the integration of the research unit, as well as the candidacy for the granting of the university badge.   


 Visiting of fourth stage students to the first gas station in the south of Baghdad / Al-Rashid


Based on the directives of the presidency of the chemical engineering department in activating the scientific visits for students in our department throughout the current academic year 2015/2016, the committee of summer training had made a scientific visit on Tuesday, 10.11.2015 to the first gas station in the south of Baghdad. A number of academic staff, engineers and fourth stage students within the branch of chemical processing engineering had contributed the visit and on the sidelines of the visit, engineer Firas Adnan who in charge on the training department at the gas station had been welcomed the academic staff and students in an especial hall where he made a seminar about the station and industrial safety procedure to be followed by workers at the plant. Soon after, the visitors (delegation) went to visit the unit of fuel reprocessing, department of reservoirs, filters, heat exchangers, turbine gaseous, and maintenance unit. It was also explained most of the accompanying environmental problems, particularly the problems of corrosion occurring in pipelines and reservoirs, the occurrence of oil emulsions, and the method of processing and throw water to the environment after treatment. Note that a special engineering staff from the station and an academic staff from our department had explained and answered the whole questions of students. At the end of the visit, all instructors, engineers and students were pleased with their happiness; the positive returns from this scientific activity that is carried out by the commission of summer training and they were also sent their thanks and appreciation to the head of the department to allow them this opportunity to see the industrial processes directly.


An invitation to attend a seminar

 20 /10/2015

Chemical Engineering Department has the honor to invite you to attend the introductory seminar, which will be held in our department on Tuesday 27/10/2015 at half past nine o'clock in the morning inside the Ibn Rushd Hall on fourth floor and under the title of the impact of pollutants for industrial activities on water and modern treatment techniques.

Within the scientific and cultural activities of the first semester of the Department of Chemical Engineering for the academic year 2014-2015 


A Higher Diploma's student Jasim Muhsin Jasim in the research stage was given a lecture on his research:

Treatment of Wastewater Associated With Crude Oil in Reservoirs

under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Thamer J. Mohammed  on Al-Khwarizmi Hall and with the presence of the head of Chemical Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Thamer Jassim Muhammad , the scientific aide ,the administrative aide and also both heads of the branches as well as a number of academic staff and students on Wednesday, 7/10/2015.

Considers Treatment-associated water crude oil in the oil reservoirs  important processes , where the untreated such water will affect the quality of the oil and its price and properties .... etc. As well as it affects such produced water on human health and the environment and soil and groundwater, so this report is intended treatment such as this produced water for the purpose of getting free of crude oil , water and materials suspended solids and other materials .                                                          

Produced water, one of the main problems in the petroleum industry, is generated in increasing volumes from both old and new wells (Campos et al., 2005). This effluent represents 98% of all wastewater generated in the petroleum industry. This water contains complex organic and inorganic substances,  such as salts, metals, dispersed oil and dissolved hydrocarbons and also presents high temperature and the absence of oxygen (Thomas, 2004). Therefore, produced water is an important source of pollutants and, as the environmental laws have become stricter, the cost of its treatment has become increasingly high. This fact has led to many efforts to find more effective and less expensive ways to treat this water ( Li et al., 2009 ).                                                                                


Student Areeg Falih Khadtim earned M.Sc. Degree


Student Areeg Falih Khadtim earned M.Sc. Degree on thesis entitled:

Study for Removal of Phenols from Synthetic Wastewater using Solar Photo Catalytic Reactor

 The supervisors are Assist.Prof. Mohammed fadhil Abid and Assist.Prof. Oroba Nafee Abdulaa .The discussion was held on Khwarizmi court on 5/10/2015.

present study was devoted to investigate the removal of phenol, which has been selected as a model for the toxic organic compounds from synthetic wastewater, by using a compound parabolic collector (CPC)photocatalysis system. The solar photo-catalytic system performance was tested in terms of the phenol degradation (%Rphenol) and TOC mineralization efficiency (%MTOC) by using FeSO4 as a catalyst and Oxalic acid as solar photo assisted agent to enhance the process efficiency. Different operating conditions were studied to investigate the performance of the photocatalysis system, such as initial phenol concentration, initial H2O2 concentration,FeSO4/Oxalic weigh ratio, pH of solution, and solution flow rate. The operating variables were optimized to obtain a maximum efficiency for the system performance. A quadratic-second degree polynomial equation was developed for (%Rphenol) and (%MTOC), relating them, in good agreement with the studied operating conditions. The influence of operating variables on the reaction pathways was investigated by estimating the corresponding rate constants. It was found that the radical reaction pathway, which produce the intermediate compoundsdecreased as pH increased more than pH=4. The radical reaction pathway was found to reach maximum value at H2O2 loading of 30 ppm. The effect of phenol concentration has a negative impact on the radical reaction pathway so does the weight ratio of FeSO4/Oxalate.


1st session of academic staff committee 2015/1016


The academic staff committee had meeting its 1st session in Ibn-Rushad room on Sunday 4th October 2015 on four floor.  The meeting has been held with the presences of both deputes and head of branchs and all the members of the deferment.                        



  published an article in highly recognizable journal


Prof. Dr. Qussay Fadhil and Dr.Manal Afham from chemical engineering department had published an article in Desalination Journal  Vol. 372,  2015. Articletitle is

Modification of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane for vacuum
membrane distillation (VMD) application