The main activities of the Department for 2011


 Dr. Khalid Farhod  participate in The First Iraq Oil  and Gas Conference  


 I in line with the University of Technology, to abreast of events and the promotion of the reality of scientific. The Department of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations decided to send Dr. Khalid Farhod Chasib from the Department of Chemical Engineering to the scientific conference entitled (The First Iraq Oil  and Gas Conference), which was held in the Cultural Center Basra for the period from 26 - 27.10.2011 by the Ministry of oil under the slogan " Iraq oil is the future Energy of the world "The opening ceremony began with the national anthem and recitation of verses from the Quran. Subsequently an opening statement was made by the deputy of the minister for refining affairs Mr. Ahmed Al-Shama'a and the Director-General of South Refineries Company, who welcomed the guests attending the conference and said during his speech that this conference is the fruit of scientific communication with the academic institutions and the Oil Ministry, also pointed to the keenness of the Scientific Committee of the Conference in the selection of applied research and projects that meet the requirements and aspirations of economic development, noting that a number of these research involved came from researchers outside Iraq, providing 63 search to the secretariat of Conference from 8 different countries, each research send to professors or petroleum experts to be evaluated, selected the best 24 research to participate in the conference. At the end of his speech, Director-General of South Refineries Company offered thanks and appreciation for the great support of the conference by the Ministry of Oil. He also thanked all members of the preparatory committees, scientific and Protocol and the Secretariat of the considerable effort during the period of preparation to the Conference.

 At the end of the conference the Director-General of South Refineries Company Chairman addressed the closing of the Conference, and recommendations of the conference were read.

The Aims of the Conference:

1. Presenting the studies and papers that aim to develop Iraqi oil sector.

2. The conference will provide an exceptional network for professionals and researchers in the national and international oil companies, local and global universities as well as private enterprises.

Themes of the Conference

-Petroleum Geology and Exploration.

-Petroleum Reservoir Engineering.

-Oil Well Drilling Technology.

-Production Enhancement.

-Surface Facilities.

-Oil Refineries and Process Engineering.

-Gas Technology.

-Crude Oil and Products Transportation.

-Petroleum Economics.

-Domestic and International Petroleum Legislations.

Conference Activities

1 - A scientific lecture entitled:

 (Developed Equation for fitting ASTM Distillation curves)

Was presented by Dr. Khalid Farhod Chasib

and granted a certificate of appreciation and the shield of the conference.

2 - active presence of the conference by participating in the discussion of various research within the themes of the conference.

3 - Research Participation at the conference will be published by the Center for research and development of oil in the Journal of

 (Journal of Petroleum Research & Studies)

Recommendations of the Conference

1 - Cconference convene every year with the formation of the Committee on permanent patrol and a mechanism for its work and expand the circle of participation in the conference.

2 - Provide scientific support and material support for applied research and follow-up implementation.

 3 - assign a high joint committee to implement applied researches in the oil industry.


 Dr. Ghanim Magbul  participate in AIChE Annual meeting in Minneapolis    


Dr. Ghanim Magbul participated with the 2011 AIChE Annual meeting in Minneapolis, USA, on October, 16-21. he presented paper entitled

"Multiobjective optimization of a spouted bed reactor"

Also he arrived several sessions in the field of Chemical Engineering. The total sessions of the AIChE conference were 750, and the number of papers which presented was 4300 in the scientific of Chemical Engineering.



 Basheer Ahmed Abdul-Hussein participate in the University of Salahaddin Fourth International conference  


According to the University of Technology order No. 2029 in 16/10/2011 Basheer Ahmed Abdul-Hussein delegated to Erbil Governorate for the purpose of participating in the University of Salahaddin Fourth International conference by the research named:

Study of Corrosion Behavior of Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Alloy 2024-T3

The main author for the research was Dr.Muna K.Abbas from production and minerals department  

The research received the approbation of the Evaluation Committee. Excellence Conference with broad participation from countries worldwide such as USA, Poland, China, Malaysia, Turkey, Iran and others in addition to the wide participation of the Iraqi universities.

Delivering a Seminar by Dr. Ghanim Magbul


Asst. Prof. Dr. Ghanim Magbul Alwan delivered a seminar his scientific leave at Missouri University of science of Technology of  America on Tuesday 26/9/2011 included the following :

1-    1- Teaching methods and study system plus researches for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at this American university.

2-    2- The state of laboratories and technical abilities available at this university.

3-    3- Explaining the scientific research which was fulfilled there entitled

(Multi objective Optimization of a Spouted Bad Reactor).

The seminar was delivered at IBN-EL-Hainthem lecture room at the Chemical Engineering Department University of Technology attended by lecturers of the department

Scientific Lecture within the cultural season for chemical engineering department

23/5 /2011

During the culture season and under the supervision of the Head of chemical engineering department Professor Dr. Mumtaz Abdul-Ahad, a session has been held where an expert in oil technology Faris Al-Shekhili from the Ministry of Oil was presented a lecture that entitled "Oil Exploration and Technologies of remedy and the distinguish properties" at exactly 9:30 Monday dated on 23 May 2011. Many of departmental academic staff has been among the attendees. At the end of the lecture a distinguish award has been awarded to Mr. Faris Al-Shekhili for his efficient efforts and the valuable information he was demonstrated. The award has been surrendered by the Head of Department Professor Dr. Mumtaz Abdul-Ahad and Professor Assistant Dr. Muhammed Ibraheim, the departmental deputy for scientific affairs, was the session who had rule out the session.

Annum Student Conference of Chemical Engineering Department  

18/5 /2011

Under the slogan entitled "by knowledge and science we raised the youth for prosper Iraq"
The Chemical Engineering Department had held the Annum Student Conference on Monday dated 23 May 2011 in the presence of the head of the University of Technology and the Head of Chemical Engineering Department and number of academic staff and students.
The conference was started with hearing the national song and a reading from the Holy Koran, which been read by the student Moneer Abdul-Jalil and then a poem has been spoken by the student Samah Nori about the motherhood and friendship.
The committees that were responsible to conduct the conference has nominated the students to present them projects for discussion and nominated the students for the scientific confrontation competition.
After the end of the project's presentation from the nominees, an evaluation process was ended to nominee one project which entitled "Production of Tributyl ether" to win an award certificate. Ahmeed Ghalib and Eihal Ali from the Oil and Gas Refinery Branch won the excellence award for their efforts.
The confrontation competition which was supposedly carried out between the most distinguished pupils from the two Branches the Industrial Units Engineering and Oil and Gas Refinery Engineering Branches has ended after the selective students were subjected to 20 questions of multiple choices type exam. The MSQ exam was highly and efficiently prepared by another committee consisted of highly qualified examiners from different disciplines the committee was headed by Assistant Professor Nahidh Kasser and assistant by other academic staff such as Dr. Nidhal Al-Azawi, Dr Sahar Abdula Hadi, and lecture Ebtisam Hussin and others. The two teams were subjected to such exam and the Industrial Units Branch's team was the one who ended with the highest score and won the competition.
At the end of the conference a closing ceremony was ended with the head of the department surrendering distinguish certificates to the winners.

Events of 1st Scientific Conference for modern technologies in Gas and Oil Refinery from 23-27 April 2011 


Under the slogan "scientific collaboration between Universities and field sector, oil industries will glow". The Department of chemical engineering in collaboration with the midland refineries company/Al-Dorah Refinery had arranged the 1st Scientific Conference for Modern Technologies in Gas and Oil Refinery at the University of Technology Facilities. The preparatory, supervisor, and scientific committees and the secretary of conference had well organized all the requirements to meet conference's milestones which previously agreed on by an Understanding Memorandum which signed between the Chemical Eng. Dept. and the Midland Refineries Company to enhance and enrich the scientific research links and ties.
In the light of the conference, a meeting was held between the Head of University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Kahdan Al-Khazraji and upon the invitation that was directed to the Deputy of Oil Minister of Refinery Affairs Mr. Ahmad Al-Shama'a and to the Executive Manager of Midland Refineries Company Mr. Saad Nori Mohammed along side by side the presence of Head of Chemical Eng. Dept. Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Abdul-Ahad Yussif, the Chairman of Preparatory Committee of the conference, who confirmed meeting's prospectus and wishes of the two parts to successfully rule out the conference's sessions which will be considered as the good intentions for future and successive collaborations between the Ministry of Education And the Ministry of Oil by initiating and establishing a direct ties that considered the scientific collaboration, the capabilities to gear up the theoretical researches to the actual industrial environment. Through the meeting it was decided to the necessity of following up the applied researches and studying the results and conclusions out off the conference.
At the end of the meeting the Head of University of Technology and his guests had left off to the University's main theater to attend the conference's opening session which was fully booked by the attendees. The ceremony was started with the national song and the reading one of versus from the Holy Koran. An opening speech was read by the Head of Chemical Engineering Dept. Professor Mumtaz Abdul-Ahad Yussif welcoming the conference's attendees and evaluating the conference aims, he regarded the conference as a first well established step to start and maintain a real and serious scientific ties between academic institutions represented by Chemical Engineering Department of University of Technology and the field sector represented by the Midland Refineries Company which enlightened by signing the Understand Memorandum of scientific, and maintaining creativity between those two sectors. The spoke man Dr. Mumtaz Adul Ahad has also mentioned the sincere efforts that been practiced by the Scientific Committee of the conference to select between the most scientific and applicable researches which will flourishing the Oil Industry in Iraq with ideas and projects to fulfill the requirements and the milestones of the Economical Progress in the country. 39 (thirty nine) researches separated into six scientific disciplines (fields) out of 67 academic articles have been accepted for oral presentation in conference's sessions. Many manuscripts among the 39 articles have been sent by many researchers from abroad. At the end of his speech the spokesman Dr Mumtaz directed his grateful and appreciation to the Head of University for his support and his continuous encourages tying up the scientific approaches and efforts to field sector and in particular with the Ministry of Oil. He also direct his special thanks to the sponsor of the conference, Ministry of Oil and Midland refineries Company for their great efforts and their active participation to succeed the conference and also he mentioned all the workers and members of preparatory, receptionist, and scientific committees and the secretary of the conference for their great effort of the during the preliminary and preparation stages.
At this ceremony, the deputy of Minister of Oil, the CEO of the Midland Refineries Company and the previous CEO of Midland Company have read their speeches to the audience on behalf of Ministry of Oil.
The Administrative Deputy of University of Technology headed the opening session Assist. Prof. Hussin Kidhan along with the session's registrar Prof. Saad Ahmed Abdul Khaliq the head of training and human resource developmental Department in Midland Refineries Company. The opening lecture was entitled" the Role of Iraqi's Universities in Development of Oil industries" which was prepared by the senior expert Mohammed Radhaa the CEO of Training and developmental directory. A historical movie about the oil industry and its progression has been headed the opening lecture in addition to interviews with other representatives of conference's committees under the shared propaganda collaboration mechanism to cover conference's activities.
The honorary committee had distributed which was headed by Dr. Nidhal Al-Azawi, suit cases and conference badges to the attendees. At the end of the opening ceremony the researchers and the guests were headed to the session's rooms which were allocated at the Minerals and Production Department of University of Technology. The sessions were distributed into three main courses which included the developmental production and control of modern processes and oil processes technologies course, the environmental pollution and remedy in petroleum refineries course and chemical additives and alternative chemicals to fight the corrosion course. All researches which were approved to be orally presented in the conference were distributed around three days of the conference and accordingly supportive committees were issued for evaluation of the presented researches and select the most distinguished researches and also for the writing the final recommendations. The committee's members were as follows:

1.  Research Evaluation Committee

a. Prof. Niran Khaleel

b. Prof. Thamir Jasim

c. Assist. Prof. Najat Joumaa

d. Ms. Hanaa Al-Jeda

e. Mr. Riadh Salman

f. Mr. Majeed Jubeer

2.  Recommendations Committee

a. Assist Prof. Balasem Ahmed

b. Assist. Prof. Qusay Fadhil

c. Assist. Prof. Mohammed Ibraheim

d. Expert Hikmat Jafer

e. Mr. Ayad Ahmed

f. Mr. Zaid Ahmed

At the 3rd day on 27 April 2011 and at the end of the conference's sessions the audience and the guests were headed to the University's theater to attend the final ceremony, the Head of the University Prof. Kadhan Al-Khazraji and the Minister Oil's Deputy for Refineries Affairs Mr. Ahmed Al-Shamaa were among the audience along with the CEO of Midland Refineries Company Mr. Saad Nori and all the Departmental heads of University of Technology. The deputy of Midland Refineries Company Mr. Nori Mohammed has the honor to open the finale ceremony by delivering awards to authors who wrote the distinguished researches which took the following sequence:
Two researches had awarded first ranked research; the first research entitled "Flow control sustem using fuzzy logic", Prof. Dr. Safaa Al-Noami, Dr. Mazen Abo Khotor and the 2nd shared research entitled "Development of emergency breaking system using the double additional skeleton technique", Oday Saleh
Another two researches were also rewarded at 2nd ranked award; the first research entitled "Desulfurization of light diesel fuel using chloramines T and polymer supported imidation agent", Niran Khalil, Najat Jomaa, and Zynab Sobhe and the 2nd shared research entitled "evolutionary of extracting base oils units utilizing mixed solvent", Ahmed Al-Ibrahemi, Naser Naseef, and Adel Sharif.
The following gentlemen had honored to distribute the conference's shield and appreciation letter; the Oil Minister deputy for refineries affairs, the head of the University of Technology, the CEO of Midland refineries company and the deputy of Head of University of Technology to the to the head of preparatory and scientific committees, the preparatory committee's members, the secretary committee members and the scientific committee members.
At the end of the finale ceremony the expert Hikmat Al-Hassn read the final recommendations that elaborated from the conference which are:

1.  It was planned that the meeting will be held every 2 years with establishing a periodic permanent committee and a scheme to regulate and maintain the performance of such committee and enlarging the sharing circle to increase the participation in conferences to include international and regional experts.

2. Reactivating the clauses of understanding memorandum which was signed between the department of chemical engineering and the midland refineries company to secure good collaboration and make use of facilities that exist at the company's labs to perform the research activities of chemical engineering department which will serve to solve the problems especially that facing the company in the refineries by department's postgraduate students.

3. Establishing a training program to train department's students in the Midland refineries company and raising up courses to enhance the continuous educational program which by the academic staff Chemical Engineering Dept. of University of Technology for the staff of the company

4. Assure the scientific and financial support to the applied researches and follow up their execution.

5. Start a new sharing committee between the two sides who were responsible for the organization of the conference after closure to pay a deep investigation or reevaluation on researches which were written by the academic and engineering staff and are worthy to be applied in the oil and industry sectors and raise a recommendation on their behalves to execute them.

6. Include the activities of the final year students for the project and which has a strong link to the oil industry to the activities of the conference.

At the end of the conference, Prof. Dr Safaa Al-Niami the head of the closure session had spoke his appreciation and thanks to everybody who keep the conference on his track to accomplish its goals and work to end it in a successful manner.
A lunch feast on the students club of the university has ended the activities of the conference.            

The opening of unit operations and heat transfer (Pilot Plant Laboratory ) in the chemical engineering department on the occasion of  'University  Anniversary Day'    

On the university anniversary day ,the president of the university opened the unit operation and heat transfer (Pilot Plant Laboratory ) in the chemical engineering department . The president  of the university  was  welcomed by the head of the chemical engineering department and his deputies plus the heats of the branches in addition to members of staff of the department in a shinning celebration that included looking at the modern development in this scientific establishment of modern and new apparatus . The president of the university emphasized during his talk about the new apparatus , that other equipment are to come so that the laboratory  would be totally modernized . At the end of the president visit , he thanked the advancement in its scientific journey . The celebration included taking photographs and seeing new equipment .


The laboratory scientific supervisors are :

Asst. Lect. Fadhil Hashim

Asst. Lect. Areej Dalaf

Dr. Shahrazad Refa'at for the fourth year .

Dr.Farah Talib for the third year .

Dr.Jamal Manee for third year .

Asst.Lect. Ala'a Mishjil  .

Asst.Lect. Kalid Hamed .

Asst. Lect. Abbass Jawad .

Asst.Lect. Hibba Mahmood.


The  Practical Supervisors are :

Engineer    Khalid Mansoor .

Engineer    Amera Ismaeel .

Engineer    Sarah Makram .

Engineer     Noor Eaden.







The Chemical Engineering Department Is Officially on  Facebook  ,Youtube , Twitter and Wikipedia Sites   

The Electronic Site Committee  in the department is working now on opening  the  chemical engineering department site officially on Facebook ,Youtube , Twitter , Wikipedia site .

The Electronic site  Committee in the department is studying how to benefit from the huge and variety of facebook , youtube, twitter and Wikepedia sites.

The Electronic Site Committee  in the department is studying how to benefit from the huge and varaity of  face book users (which exceeded half a billion users by the end of september 2010 ), for presenting and sending scientific informations at the chemical engineering site for the largest possible number of international teaching institutions and academicians at the face book .This is intended to internationalise and spreading of the university site at the internet .Also to utilize benefits that ' youtube channel' offer besides Twitter so that full use of the huge archives of video films presented at the site is achieved. This would needs ways to present interviews , pictured reports , and video films and others. This requires cooperation with the 'Information Unit' to enrich the site with contents . This would prepare for the pictured archive for the chemical engineering department on the internet and create a jump in the field of electronic information and being a pioneer among scientific departments in Iraqi universities .

Also utilizing the popularity and the widespread of the international 'Wikipedia' as an important scientific reference on the internet to present the chemical engineering department effort on this encyclopedia .The help of members of staff responsible for the site for the scientific translation could be called for .This would strengthen the place of the chemical engineering department as an international source for reference scientific data .

Here ,we record the following sites that the chemical engineering  department established at the trial stage with the following  titles :

Teacher and Students of the Department Share in the Annual Students Fine Art Exhibition   

Under the sponsorship of Prof. Dr. Kahtan Khalaf AL-Khazrji ,the president of university of technology ,and part of activities of the thirty sixty anniversary ,of the foundation Of the university of technology ,the fine activity section in the university held a fine art exhibition and an exhibition of photography on the university theater hall on  19/4/2011 . A group of teachers and students of the chemical engineering department shared in the exhibition with their art activities of drawing , photography, and sculptors .Their activities were praised highly .


A lecture in the field of Nanotechnology related to the subject of Nano-Catalysts is Delivered

18/4 /2011

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim  from the chemical engineering department gore a lecture about Nano catalysts as part of Nanotechnology seminar held at Oil and Gas Technology hall at 10.30 a.m. Monday 18/4/2011 ,which was offended by a group of teacher and higher studies students.

A Scientific Visit to Midland Refineries Company (Daura Refinery)


A group of higher studies student (Master and Higher Diploma) in company of Prof. Dr. Thamer Jasim Mohamed on 17/4/2011 visited pollution treatment  units of  environmental pollutants .A meeting with director of environment section and the person responsible for industrial waters treating unit was held . the visit is to activate the 'Understanding Memorandum ' between the university of technology and the Midland Refineries Company and to show the students the importance of joining theoretical Knowledge with actual practical field in the oil industry regarding the subject of environmental pollution.

The Chemical Engineering Department organizing the First Scientific Conference on Modern Technologies in Oil & Gas Refining 

The Chemical Engineering Department - University of Technology and midland Refineries Company are organizing the First Scientific Conference on Modern Technologies in Oil & Gas Refining in the period 25-27 April 2011. The idea is to bring together researchers, scientists and academics active in the field of oil and gas refining processes. the conference looks ahead to cover a wide range of interdisciplinary topics in petroleum refineries.

Conference Topics

1- Technology of Petroleum Refining Processes.

2- Advanced Technologies in Control and Developed Production.

3- Wastwater Treatment in Petroleum Refineries.

4- Chemical Additives and Substitutes.

5- Pollution in Petroleum Refineries.

6- Corrosion Protection in Petroleum Equipment.


The MTOGR 2011 Conference organizing committee is striving to make this event one of the more important scientific gatherings in Iraq. You are invited to submit your abstract for presentation no later than 1/12/2010. All abstracts will be subjected to review by Conference Scientific Committee, and you will be notified upon acceptance, along with the instructions for submitting your full manuscript. All accepted papers will be reviewed for publication in special proceeding, which will be edited and published by University of Technology, Iraq.


Design and construction of a pilot commercial unit for production of Activated carbon 

A research team in the department of chemical engineering headed by Asst. prof .Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim and member ship of Asst. prof. Dr. Najat Jumaa Salih, Asst. prof. Dr. Khalid Ajmee Suker, Dr. Raheek Ismaeel, Asst .lect. Luma Hussain, Engineer Neran Emmanoael   , and Engineer Abeer Mahmood has designed and build a pilot commercial unit for the production of activated carbon from reed with a capacity of 10 Kg\hr. The experimental tests showed the success of sample for then had a surface area for the material of 500 m2 and is close in its specification to the commercial activated carbon. Knowing that the activated carbon material has industrial importance because it is used in purifying durinking water and in decolourizing processes. The Arabic Foundation for science and Technology (ASTF) has supported the research.

The Fulfillment of the five year study plan for the chemical Engineering Department

The scientific committee and supporting committees in the chemical engineering department have fulfilled the study plan for the departmental syllabus (undergraduate studies) for the coming five years. This plan contains modern and specialized elements and subjects like nanotechnology and environmental pollution in addition to developing and modernizing syllabus to snit the achieved scientific development in the field of chemical engineering through using modern references and having an outlook on syllabus of pronounced international universities.

A meeting of the president of the University of the Technology and the supervising committee on the first scientific conference for modern technologies in oil and gas refining.

Technologies in Oil and Gas Refining with a Delegate of Midland Refineries company

A meeting of the supervising committee on the first scientific conference for modern technologies in oil and gas refining on Wednesday 30\3\2011 in the light of invitation delivered to the general manager of the midland refineries company Mr . saad noori  Mohammed and the accompanying delegates , a reception and welcome by the president of the university of Technology prof . Dr . Kahtan A- Khazrajee who emphasized , on the side of the meeting , on the wishes and aspirations of the university for the conference to succeed which will be a basis for the cooperative support between the university of technology and the midland refineries  company through the engagement of scientific research with the practical industrial field and its reflection to find solution to the oil refineries .the president of the university also pointed that the university of technology in view of its engineering nature concentrates on the conferences of quality and specialization for which it had founded positive reflections on the intended circles of the society through a big share by researchers from the industrial field.Prof.Dr.Mumtaz Abdul-Ahad pointed to the efforts of the members of the organizing committee of the conference and the big support in preparing for the success of the conference which was the first step in the cooperative scientific support.

Internet Unit Opening in the Department 

The internet unit belonging to the chemical engineering department started working after rehabilitation of the departmental building in its new place in the third floor on 7/3/2011. Eleven new computers type (p4)to offer service to members of staff and students of the department against low pay . Also there is a wireless transmission that makes possible the use of the internet through the use of the mobile or the laptop.

Chemical Engineering Department Football Team wins the Final for the Championship of the University of Technology over the team of Architectural Engineering Deparetment

Many Congradulations for the team of the department winning the championship of the university of technology beating the team of architectural engineering in the final, that was held on 2/3/2011 over grounds of the university of technology.

A Scientific Visit to Daura Refinery
Starting from the principle of cooperation  and continued  positive involvement  and strengthening of 'Understang Momerandum ' between the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Technology  and the Daura Refinery of the Midland Refineries Company , a visit was arranged by the supervising  committee of scientific visits to Daura Refinery accompanying fourth and third year students and some lecturers and engineers in the Chemical engineering department .The visits were on 12/12/2010 for the fourth year students of Refinery Branch ,on 20/12/2010 for the fourth year students of Unit Operations Branch , on 6/2/2011 for the third year students of Refinery Branch and on 13/12/2011 for the third  year students of the Unit Operation Branch . These visits included the refinery viewing on site, and seeing directly the existing units in the refinery which comprises the crude oil distillation unit , the reforming unit including the control systems belonging to them . Also reviewing the related activities concerned with energy conversions in addition to visiting repair workshops of the heat exchangers .The work staff of the refinery answered all questions of the students , lecturers and engineers participating in the visit.
From the views of students and from what we saw as being a useful visit , we could say that  the visit fulfilled its targets in increasing the practical side of knowledge and scientific process and increases relationships between state organizations.

:The department supervising committee on scientific visits comprises

1. Lect. Dr. Adil Shareef Hammadi

2. Ass. Lect. Abbass Juwad sultan.

3. Ass. Lect. Laith salem Sabri.

4. Ass. Lect. Haider Abid-Ali Abdulkarim.      

5. Engineer Dhea'a Abdulrasool Hussain .

6. Engineer Ali Amer Yahya.

For the first Time a 'Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration Membrane is Manufactured in Iraq for Desalination purposes in the Laboratories of the Chemical Engineering Department under the supervision of Ass. Prof. Dr. Qusai Fadhil Abdul hameed

The nanotechnology developments in separation processes had been studied widely for its diverse uses. H works at low pressures, and large flow rates with high performance in separating salts and organic matters which posses a higher molecular weight or in the range (300-3000) Dalton .The water shortage that our country suffers from and the need for the production of nanomembranes to be used in desalination , called upon a research team in the chemical engineering department to produce this type of membranes using polyvinyl chloride (PRC)which was covered with a solution of poly viuyl Alcohol (PVA) in the presence of the fatty alcohol poly oxy ethylene ether (AEOq)using 'Submerging Method' .

The cultural session of the Chemical Engineering Department

As part of the cultural session of the Chemical Engineering Department, two scientific lectures were given on Tuesday   4/1/2011 at 12 o'clock in Ibn-El .Haithem lecture room in the Chemical Engineering Department by each of:

1. Asst. Prof.  Dr.  Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed    about his visit to (UKM) University /Malysia during the period 5/10/2010 -5/11/2010 as part of a research visit of supervisors   program.

2. Asst. Prof.  Dr.  Shatha  Ahmed  Sameh about her visit to Milano Bekako    University /Italy for the period 12/9/2010 -17/10/2010.