Normally laboratories occupy extinguish priority in scientific studies. Moreover, they have their special attention at the University of Technology which is eager to graduate specialized recruited engineering staff with superior application background through training them on mini training units of similar industrial plant units. From this viewpoint the chemical engineering department since his establishment diverts his attention on laboratories’ development and continuously was keen to update its entities to follow the continuous revolution in scientific development and to simulate the theoretical syllabus and of educational themes. The department contains 10 educational laboratories for undergraduate students and 4 laboratories for postgraduate students as shown below.

1.   Laboratory of General Chemistry.

Laboratory of fuel and oil refinery.

      Laboratory of Physical Chemistry.

      Laboratory of Fluid Flow.

      Laboratory of Engineering Materials.

      Laboratory of Industrial Processes.

      Laboratory of Pilot Unit.

      Laboratory of Computers.

      Laboratory Control of Processes.

      Laboratories of Researches and Projects.

      Laboratory of automated analysis/ Research Unit.


Form maintenance of computers and laboratory devices