Notes on Typing the Manuscript

1-The Kind of Letters should be (Times New Roman) for English manuscripts.
2-The four margins of the page should be 4cm.
3-The header and footer should be 3 cm.
4-The title font should be bold and in size (14). It should be placed above the abstract .The subtitles should be without numbering and underlining. For English manuscripts the font should be bold and in size (12).
5-Manuscript font in English should be typed bold, and in size (12).
6-Authors, name should be typed in font (12), with asterisk above the last name. When the authors are more than one, their names should be typed in one line, with enough space, between each name, and asterisk at the first left name, If they are affiliated the same institution, if they are not the asterisk should be placed above the last name of each author.
7-The paper should be typed in two columns each column of 6 cm, with 1 cm space between each one. The number of lines should be not less than (42) line, (this does not include the abstract, figures, and tables).
8- An asterisk should be placed at the bottom of the left column margin, referring to the author’s work place and his e-mail. The asterisk should be placed at the bottom of the left column margin.
9-The Keywords should be placed at the bottom of the abstract, for both English.
10-The title should be written on the right column for the manuscripts (within the page margin). The following item does not belong to the author, the conference title will be written at the apposite direction.
11-References should be arranged as they are mentioned in the manuscript on Alphabetical system .Each reference should be described as follows:
a- The books: Authors surname, other names or the first letter, a dot should be placed between the author and the other. It should be in capital letter, followed by the publishers name and the year of publications.
b-The papers and articles: The author's name should be
written as in (a), the first letter should be in capital letter.
The article title should be placed between (" "), then (the
journal name, volume, number, pages, and year), they
should be separated by commas.
c- The papers downloaded from internet: As in (b), then the website in another line.
12-The tables should be placed then the figures after the
references, at the end of the manuscript. They should be listed
consecutively, without boarder title. The figures should be
marked clearly.
13- Tables and figures captions should be bold and (11) font size.