Examining Post-Graduate Student


Post graduate student (M.Sc. student Zainab Thamir Mohammed/ Geomatic Engineering/ under supervision of Prof. Dr. Riyad Hassan Hadi-Head of Building and Construction Engineering Dept.) has been examined on her thesis entitled “Environmental Analysis of Urban Land Usages by Using GIS in Al-Shaab Municipality”. The examination proceeded on Higher Studies Room in Building and Construction Engineering Dept. at 09:00am, Thursday- April 2nd, 2015. The student has got a grade “Excellent”. Our congratulation to the student hoping success in her practical life.



Discussing post – graduate students


    A Seminar has been conducted in the department to be a wave of the most important things related to post graduated researches such as obstructions, needs, instruments, equipments and the readiness of labs for students’ researches.

The seminar has been attended by heads of branches, teaching member and post graduate students to recognize the phases that the student passes through preparing the researches.

Head of department presented in the seminar his remarks and recommendations praising the rate of the supervisors and lab. Staff who are cooperating with students especially the labs. Those were opened during holidays to give students the chance to explode time.




MSC  Study to Reinforce Reactive P owder Concrete Beams :


Reinforcing by  polymer carbon  fibers  plays remarkable role in raising  beams effiency  to  resist bending  moments  especially with using outer anchorage which has led to an increase in bending  resistance of beams reaching  sometimes 64,29 %  compared to concrete beams not  reinforced with polymer  carbon fibers .

In addition an increase in first cracking loads has noticed sometimes to 100 % .

Further concrete beams reinforced with carbon fibers have less deflection , and the presence of the outer anchorage is very important action of connection between polymer carbon fibers and concrete section .

 The conclusion stated above have been reached by the researcher Falah Jaras Aaed through examining his thesis entitled " Practical study to Reinforce Flexure Reactive Powder Concrete Beams by using of outer polymer Carbon Fibers " On Wednesday , May 4 , 2015 .

Examination committee involved Assist . Prof Dr. Amer Farog – Baghdad University ( Head ) , Assist.Prof Dr.Wamid Ghassan and Lec.Dr.Samir Fawsy – University of Technology  ( members ) and Prof. Dr. Qais Fuad and Assist . Raed Khalil ( Supervisors and members ) .

   The examination has been conducted on Higher Studies Room ( Dr. Nima Amara ) in Building Construction Engineering Dept. The student obtained the degree " Excellent " Congratulation to all .