Karim Khalaf El-Jumaily

Date and Place of Birth

Baghdad -1945




Baghdad – IRAQ


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University Of Technology / Building and Construction Eng. Dept.

Al-Sana'a Street / Tel Mohammed / Baghdad / Iraq.



Academic Qualifications:

a-      Ph.D. in civil engineering /water resources and water works, (1981), University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K., Title of thesis "Computer Aided Design of Irrigation and Hydraulic Structures".

b-      M.Sc. in civil engineering/water resources and water works, (1977), Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, Title of thesis: "Design of Floors Having Different Elevations Underneath Large Irrigation Structures".

c-      B.Sc. in civil engineering (1972), AL - Mustansirya University, Baghdad, Iraq


From – To

Position / Work / Details


Executive engineer, ministry of municipal (Iraq)


Executive engineer, the construction house company, Iraq, in a construction contracts with CONDOR company of UK


Occupied Positions:

From – To

Position / Work / Details


Head of Dams And Water Engineering Division


Prof. university of technology


Assist Prof. (U.O.T)


Lecturer (U.O.T)


Asst.Lecturer (U.O.T)


Academic Experiences:

•   Teaching Experience:

a.  B.Sc. level: civil engineering course on hydraulic structures, hydrology, irrigation, fluid mechanics, water supply and sewerage and sanitary building services.

b. M. Sc. level: water resources courses on hydraulic structures, statistical hydrology, water conveyance and dams safety.

c.  Ph.D. level: water resources, advanced open-channel, advanced fluid mechanics, water and wastewater systems, and similitude and modeling.

d. Prof. of the year 2005, University of Technology

Consultancy And Practical Experiences:

• Consultant and designer engineer (1989 - on), leading consultant teams of designers and executive engineers, worked out many project of which:

1. Head of consultant team , Al Doura Sewerage Project, consisting construction of lifting pump station and main conveyance sewage trunk. The works currently on progress -started on Dec.( 2009 – on), Baghdad / Iraq.

2. Head of consultant team of two waste water treatment projects for the great Baghdad City, the works currently in progress- started on Aug. 2010 Baghdad- Iraq……on.

3. Head of consultancy team for  updating the Hydrological, Hydraulical and Meteorological study for the site of intake of Wasit Thermal Power Station in Wasit Governorate (2009……. on progress).

4. Consultant engineer for the bank stability of Tigris river where the intake structure for the Wasit Thermal Power Station is to be built , Iraq (2009…. On).

5. Designer and planner engineer for the water reuse - drip irrigation system to wind breaker project using treated waste water (water reuse), ( Green Belt of Baghdad City- Mayoralty of Baghdad), (2010….. on).

6. Consultant engineer for some waste water projects , Muscat- Oman (2007).

7. Plumbing designer for many large buildings in some special presidential sites and other different types of buildings in different places (1985 – 2006, frequent works).

8. A designer of water services systems of the new Dokan Tourist Town / Kurdistan Region / Sulaymania / Northern Iraq, (2007).

9. Hydrological study for the site of intake of Wasit Thermal Power Station in Wasit Governorate (2003-2005).

  10. Integrated study and design of spillways for three small dams in the western desert of Iraq, (Shbicha, Agerri and Abella Dams), (2003).

11. Hydrological study for the site of intake of Salah-­Aldin Thermal Power Station, (2002-2003).

12. Integrated project of sewerage and sewage treatment plant of the city of Hit, Al-Anbar Governorate, Iraq (2000 – 2001).

13. Hydrological study for a proposal site of atomic power station in Salah-  Aldin Governorate (1990-1991).

14. Storm trunk of Wadi Hajer, the city of Mosul (1990 – 1991).

15. Kirkuk Integrated Irrigation Project (1989-1991.

16. Sewerage project for the city of Khalis (1974– 1975).


• Designer and/or consultant engineer (1985-2010-on), Engineering Consultation Bureau, College of Engineering, Baghdad University, also in the Scientific and Engineering Consultancy Bureau / University of Technology, as well as, in many private sector engineering works for many projects included irrigation, municipal water work, structural works and water & wastewater treatment schemes ...etc.

Research Papers:

a.  a. Twelve Ph.D. thesis on different topics in water resources and wastewater engineering.

b. More than fifty M.Sc. thesis on different topics in water resources engineering, drip and trickle irrigation systems and water and wastewater works.

c.   Publishing more than fifty five papers in different topics of water works, water resources, hydraulic structures and irrigation engineering. 

     Inventions Achieved:

     a.(Porosmitter) emitter for drip irrigation system, Issued in Iraq, 1989.

b. (Tenchiraq) emitter for drip irrigation system, Issued in Iraq, 1988


Training Courses :

1.      Hydraulic pipe network / Continual Education Centre  / Iraq / 1982 .



Fields of Interest:

  1. Scientific programs
  2. Reading the scientific papers