Curriculum Vitae

Namir Khoursheed Said Al- Saoudi



Birth: July 1, 1950 in Baaquba- Diyala, Iraq,

Work Address: College of Building & Construction Engineering,

                        University of Technology,

                        Tel Mohamed P.O.Box (35010)                       

Baghdad IRAQ


E-Mail Address: [email protected],





§  B.Sc. Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Baghdad (1972).

§  M.Sc. Civil - Highway Engineering, College of Engineering ,University

     of Baghdad (1974).

§  Ph.D.  Geotechnical Engineering, University of Manchester, England (1980).


Academic Experience:

     July 1980 to present: University of Technology, Baghdad, IRAQ:


§  June 2003 to present: Dean, Building and Construction Engineering.

§  April 1995 to present:  Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, Head of the Highway and Bridge Engineering Group.

§  December 1986 to April 1995: Assistant Professor of Geotechnical Engineering.

§  July 1980 to December 1986: Lecturer of Geotechnical Engineering.

§  Planned and supervised several Educational and Training Projects in Civil Engineering, University of Technology.

§  September 1975 to April 1980: Civil Engineering Department,       University of Manchester, England-- Research Associate.



Professional Experience

§   October 1980 to present: Consultant Manager; Engineering Consulting Office, University of Technology, responsible for the following jobs:

§   Oct.2003 to present: Head of the Geotechnical Group, Engineering Consulting Office Responsible for all geotechnical site investigation activities.

§   Jan 2000 to Dec.2003, consultant geotechnical engineer of Baghdad- Baji embankment for the new railway line.

§   Jan 1990 to Dec.2000, participating in consulting groups of selected high rise buildings.

§   October 1980 to December 1990, Head of Material Testing Group, Quality Control Engineer.

§   August 1974 to October 1975: Directorate of Military Works, Baghdad, Iraq-- Highway Designer, Design Office.




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63. “ Statistical Analysis of Some Geotechnical Properties of Najaf City” Accepted for publication and presentation in the Int. Geotechnical Conf. (Geotechnical Challenges in Mega cities) to be held in Moscow 7-10 June 2010.

64.  “ Reliability Based Design of Pile Raft Foundation” Accepted for Publication in “Engineering &     Technology” , the scientific journal of the University of Technology -Baghdad

 65.  “Water Infiltration Characteristics of Al-Najaf City Soil “Accepted for publication in the 4th Int. Conf. on Geotechnical Engineering and Soil Mechanics ,November 2-3 ,2010 , Tehran, Iran

66. “Degradation of Stiffness of Gypseous soils due to fluctuation of water table” Accepted for publication in the 14th Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (23-27 May 2011)


Academic Awards


§   Outstanding Professor; Building and Construction Engineering, 1997-1998.

§   Outstanding Professor; Building and Construction Engineering, 1998-1999.

§   Outstanding Professor; University of Technology, 1999 – 2000.

§   Technology Prize; University of Technology, 2000 – 2001.






§   “Reinforced Lime Columns–A New Technique For Heave Control In Expansive     Soils”; International Classification: E O2 D 1/100, Patent No. 2581, 3/00,            5/2/1996- I.C.O.S.Q.C.

§   “Designing and Manufacturing Load Cell to Measure Lateral Swelling Pressure”;     International Classification GOIB 7/00, Patent No. 2628 30/1/1997 -                  I.C.O.S.Q.C.

§   “Use of Cement Dust to Stabilize Sand Dunes”; International Classification CO4     B7/24, Patent No. 2754/26, 30/1/1999 - I.C.O.S.Q.C.

§   “Reinforced Stone Columns Stabilized with Lime—A New Method to Improve      Soft-Soil Performance”; International Classification: CO2 B 3/O8, Patent No.      2819, 25/3/2000 - I.C.O.S.Q.C.



Fields of Interest


§   Modeling in Geotechnical Engineering.

§   Behavior of Expansive Soils.

§   Improving the Performance of Soft Soils.

§   Planning and Supervising Educational and Training Programs in Civil Engineering.

§   Environmental and Geotechnical Properties of Iraqi Marshes.


Society Memberships


§   Consultant Member/Iraqi Engineers Union

§   Secretary General of the Iraqi Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

§   Member of The British Geotechnical Society 1988-1990

§   Member of The American Society of Civil Engineers

§   Member of the South East Geotechnical Society 1990 – 1996

§   Member of Iraqi Codes Committee

§   Member of Patent Evaluation Committee / Ministry of Planning

§   Member of The Office of Terminology, Translation and Publishing /Iraqi Academy of Science 

§   Member of the Higher Committee Developing Education in Iraq/Office of Prime Minster