Name      :Mahmoud Rasheed Mahmoud:

Date and :

Place of Birth  :18 / 10  / 1960 –

Nationality        : Arabic

Address            : Hay ---------- , Baghdad - IRAQ

       Mobil: (00964)----------

                               e-mail: [email protected]

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                                                                                                                      ( work): University Of Technology / Building and Construction Eng. Dept. 

                         Al-Sina'a street / Tel Mohammed / Baghdad / Iraq


Academic Qualifications:

B.Sc.  Degree in Building & Construction Eng. Department  University of Technology  / Baghdad -Iraq / 1982 )

M.Sc. Degree in Soil Mechanics & Foundation Eng./ Civil Eng.  Department / Heriot Watt  University of Edinburgh / U.K  / 1987 )                      " Experimental Model Test on Short Piles in Sand Subjected to Lateral loading"


Ph.D. Degree in Geotechnical Eng../Civil Eng. Department / Al-Rasheed College / University of Technology / Baghdad -Iraq / 2001)                                          " Unreinforced and Reinforced Behavior of Single and Groups of Granular Piles"


1-    Consulting Eng. For Al-Resafa Water Project   R9 ,R5, R14, R3,  R7

2-     Consulting Eng. For Ministry of Transportation ( Multi Stories Car Park for Al-Wofood company ).

3-    Consulting Eng. of pile installation For Directorate of General of Electrical Transmission Project ( Al-Foa  , Abo-floose , West Basra , Al-Meshkab ).

4-    Consulting Eng. For Interior Security Hospital in Baghdad .

5-    Consulting Eng. For pile Installation of many Bridges.


Occupied Positions :

1-    From Oct.1982 to Oct.1985 Resident Engineer at Al-Rasheed Hospital.

2-    From  Oct. 1985 to Oct. 1987 Scholarship for  M.Sc. degree at U.K.

3-    From  Oct. 1987 to June 1991 Asst. Lecturer of Geotechnical Eng. at Al-Rasheed  College.

4-    From  June 1991 to Oct.1993 Head of Soil Lab. Dept. at Directorate of General Work.

5-    From June1993 to Oct.1997 Asst. Lecturer of Geotechnical Eng. at Al-Rasheed  College.

6-    From Oct.1997 to July 2001Scholarship for Ph.D. degree.

7-    From July 2001to April 2003 Lecturer of Geotechnical Eng. at at Al-Rasheed  College.

8-    From April 2003 till now, Asst. Prof. of Geotechnical Eng at the University of Technology Baghdad Iraq.

9-    From July 1987 till now consultant engineer of many geotechnical problems.

10-Working as a head of Group design with many Engineering Consultant


Research Papers:

1-    "The behavior of strip model footings on two layered cohesion less Soil"2nd International Conference on Foundation and Tunnels, Vol.2 London Sept. 1989.

2-    " The Effect of Particle Size Distribution on the Ultimate Load Capacity of a Model Pile embedded in Cohesion less Soils"., Development & Engineering Journal Vol.(1), No.(2), Nov.1996 University of Al-Mustansirya.

3-    " Preliminary Investigation of Skirted Foundation", Proc. The Second Scientific Conf. of the College of Engineering, University of Al-Mustansiriya-Aug.1989.

4-    "Effect of particle Size of Sand on Failure Loads" , Proc.3rd Eng. Scientific Conf. Organized by Military College of Eng. April 2000.

5-    " Effect of  Size and Relative Density of Sand on Ng  and N­­­q  Parameters".,  Iraqi Journal for Civil Engineering (IJCE),Vol. (1), No.(1)  June 2001 Al-Anbar University.

6-    "Improvement of gypseous Soils Properties upon Wetting ", First Regional Conference ,Al-Anbar University , Iraq 2001

7-    "Protecting of Reinforcement Concrete Footings from Ground Water Table  By Using Water Proofing", Development & Engineering Journal Vol.(5), No.(2), Nov.2001 University of Al-Mustansirya.

8-"Laboratory and Field Tests of Single Granular Pile". 4th Scientific 

    Conference Organized by Ministry of Housing& Construction 29-30/12/2001


9-"Groups of Granular Piles in Soft Clays", 5th Sinetific Conference ,University 

     of Baghdad –Engineering College Feb. 25-27 2003

10-"Improvement of Expansive Soil Properties By Using Admixture

        Combination of Lime- Glass Sand",  Acceptable for Publication

       Engineering & Technology Scientific Journals, University of Technology.

11-" Effect of Leaching on Engineering Properties of High Gypseous

            Subgrade Soils", Accepted for Publication at the Development &

            Engineering Journal University of Al-Mustansirya.

12-"Effect of Leaching on the Strength of Subgrade Saline Soil Under Road 

      Pavement", Accepted for Publication at the Development &   Engineering

      Journal University of Al-Mustansirya.

13-" The Effect of one Layer and Layered of Cohesion less Soils on

         Bearing Capacity of Shallow Footings ", Send for Publication Engineering

         & Technology Scientific Journals, University of Technology.

14-" Effect of the Swelling of Sub grade Soil on The Asphaltic Flexible 

       Pavement", Acceptable for Publication Engineering & Technology 

       Scientific Journals, University of Technology.



 ( 12 ) M.Sc. Thesis 

  (2) Ph.D. Thesis


Field of Interest:

1-    Piling & Pile Testing

5- Site Investigation & Soil Testing

2-    Modeling in Geotechnical Eng.

3-    Soil Reinforcement

4-    Improvement of Soft Clay