Awards Ceremony


Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Amin Douai Thamer the President of the University of Technology an Award Ceremony has been held to honor academic members and employees of the University of Technology. The ceremony was prelude by the national anthem and verses from Holly Quran for the rest of martyrs sols .
The ceremony was attended by Vice President for Administrative Affairs
Prof.Assist.Dr.Sami Abualnoun Ajeel and Vice President for Scientific Affairs
Prof.Assist.Dr. Wissam k. Al-Sarrajii in addition to the heads of the departments , administrators, technicians and talented students for both under and postgraduate studies .
During the ceremony families of martyrs and injured students in treacherous bombings incidents were honored in addition to the retirees and faculty members who have scientific achievements to be granted the first professor title .
Many members of Architecture Department were awarded :-
* Assistant professor Assma Mohamed Hussein Almqurm from has granted the title of the first professor
* . Dr. Miqdad Haider was honored as a retired professor in addition
* Mr. Qasad Nasser Ali honored as retired administrator .
* Mr. Rashid Hamid honored as retired technicians .
* Outstanding students Mohamed Saad Saleh has granted an award in addition to group of outstanding undergraduate students .