A workshop Titled
" Universities Visions For The Future And The perspectives To Raise The Higher Education In Iraq - Contemporary Vision -"



A workshop titled " Universities Visions for the future and the perspectives to raise the higher education in Iraq - contemporary vision” has been held at the Department of Architecture with the presence of the President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Amin Daway Thamir, the scientific Assistant of the President of the University Assistant professor Dr. Alaa Abdal Hasn Attia,the head of the Department of Architecture, Prof. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim in addition to the Administrative Assistant Dr. Abdullah Sadon and Scientific Assistant Dr. Basim Hassan Hashim.The workshop also attended by the Heads of the Engineering Departments and retired professors , researchers who submitted many ideas that discussed in the workshop..
In the beginning of the workshop, a speech delivered by the President of the University that included the university's vision concerning the independence of the University to show the most important outcomes resulting from the application of the independence of the university's policy for all the participants.
The workshop included two sessions: - the first was the discussion of the improving of Iraqi universities and higher education and scientific research, the second session was the discussion of the important aspect which is the improving of the University of Technology being the first university that gained its independence.
The Preparatory Committee received many views concerning the second aspect, the final recommendations issued in the form of a booklet.
At the end of the session letters of appreciation and participation were distributed by the Scientific Assistant Dr. Basim Hassan Hashim, who also explained the infrastructure of the University within each stage of the structure, in addition to that he showed many visions for the future of the university by identifying the most important obstacles that may face reaching this goal.