Workshop On Joint Cooperation



A workshop was held between the Department of Architecture - University of Technology and the Department of Architecture - University of Wasit - Engineering Department according to the invitation to the faculty members of the department of Architecture from the University of Wasit, in order to exchange the experiences between the two sides to increase our studentís acknowledgement.
The workshop attended by the Assistant .Prof. Dr. Basim Hassan Hashim as the "Scientific Assistant" and Assistant Prof. Dr. Abbas Ali Hamza as "representative of the teaching staff" and Lecturer Mahdi Saleh Al-Ataabi , in Wasit University - the Department of Architecture.
The seminar began with a welcoming speech delivered by Assistant. Prof. Dr. Ali Nasser Al.helo the Dean of Engineering College who thanked the attendances for attending this symposium.
The workshop extended till 5 hours, at the end of each hour there was 15 minute discussion.
At the conclusion of the workshop, the Dean honored the participants with thanks and appreciation certificates.