M .Sc. Thesis Discussion Titled "(Urban Prosthetics Produced - An Analytical Study Of The Strategy Of Productive Continuity) "At the Department of Architecture .


The Student Fatima Fouad Yassin at the Department of Architecture has been granted M.Sc. degree with excellent grade on her thesis titled Urban Prosthetics Produced - An Analytical Study of the Strategy of Productive Continuity) "which was presented on Tuesday 12-9-2017 .
The discussion jury was headed by Asst.Prof.Dr. Wahda Mahmoud shukur and included each of Asst. Prof .Dr.Sabih Lafta Farhan ,Assist.Lecturer Moufeed Ihsan Shouk as member s, the theses supervised by Assit.Prof Dr.Rwawa Fawzi Naoum .
The student was granted a master's degree in architectural science, urban design .

The discussion was attended by most of the master's and doctoral students and researchers in the department as well as the head of the department ,the administrative and scientific assistants in addition to the academic staff of the department .