Delivering Lectures At the Iraqi Society Of Engineers



Hussein Ali Hussein Alcahachi,Lecturer in The Department of Architecture-University of Technology has delivered several lectures at the Iraqi Society of Engineers within the program titled ((Buildings Informatics Modeling System seminar program (BIM))) for three days.
The first day included :-
Lecture entitled (( The substance information modeling system of buildings))
Lecture entitled ((The benefits and Advantages of the system (BIM) at architecture and building management ))
The second day included
Lecture entitled((the most important determinants and considerations of BIM system )).
Lecture entitled ((Engineering work methodology Change within (BIM) and the benefits consequence out of this change))
the final day included:
Lecture entitled ((Successful Implementation Of The System (BIM) Within Institutions, Companies And Its Determinants((.
Lecture entitled ((The (BIM) System Engineering Advantages In The Field Of Construction And Administration In The Future)).
The Department of Architecture praised the efforts of Lecturer (Hussein Ali Hussein) wishing him all the best and success to serve our beloved country.