The First Arab Architectural Conference



The faculty members  in the Department of Architecture at  the University of Technology  participated in The First Arab architectural conference . The conference ,organized by the Iraqi Engineers Union , Federation Of Arab Engineers and Organization Of Arab Architects .

The conference sessions were chaired by the Department of Architecture at the University represented by  :

Prof. Dr.Miqdad  Al-Jawadi

Prof.Dr.Ibrahim Jawad Al Yousif

Assistant Prof.Dr. Younis Mahmoud

Assistant Prof.Dr.Anwar Subhi Ramadan

The Scientific researches were submitted by :

Assistant Prof.Dr. Asmaa Mohamed

Assistant Lecturer Bilal Samir

Assistant Lecturer Hadeel Muwaffaq

The Faculty members of the Department of  Architecture were awarded  the conference shield in addition to the certificates of appreciation for their active participation.

The conference held on 24-25 September 2016 at Ishtar Hotel –Baghdad with the presence of a wide range of specialized  Arab and Iraqi federations.