Lecturer Venus suleman Akiff at the department of Architecture granted award at the United Nations General Assembly



Lecturer Venus Suleman Akef at the Department of Architecture - University of Technology one of the scholarship students for doctorate degree at the University of Cincinnati in the USA . Lecturer Venus sulman represented Iraq at the United Nations General Assembly by participating in the agenda of the United Nations Commission for sustainable development up to 2030 after winning the competition (multiple languages in one world), which included a presentation submitted by the winners of young students at different international universities .this competition is for competitive projects of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that held on Friday, 29,Julay 2016 .
permanent representative, Ambassador Mohammed Ali Hakim awarded the Iraqi student Venus Suleiman Akef who presented a project on peace-building in Iraq .This project has gained the admiration and attention of all participants, the Permanent Representative congratulates the Iraqi student winners with the presence of Iraqi student who previously won last year's competition , submitted Gifts to them as a symbolism to the greatness and the history of Iraq .The ambassador praised the prominent role and the distinguishable efforts that are represented Iraq's reputation and national prestige.