News Archive 2014


Congratulations to Assistant Professor Dr. Shihab Ahmed Khudhier

Congratulations from the Representation Venus Salman Akef 

The participation of faculty members in The First Irbid International Engineering conference

To the graduates of peace and development class 2013-2014

Announcement - previously announced jobs To the applicants with master's degree  

Tamayouz Excellence Award in Graduation Projects category

Higher studies  admission results  for the academic year 2014-2015

Announcements  to all faculty members

Modification of the final exams schedule
( first attempt to the displaced students from the University of Mosul)

Congratulations to assistant professor,Dr. Safa al Din Hussein Ali

General Meeting for  Department o Architecture 
The Academic Year 2013-2014

Announcement date of the comprehensive exam for PhD students

Announcement to students applying for graduate studies for the academic year 2014-2015

Annancement for students of second phase for Academic years 2014-2015

Announcement to the students of the proinces deal with cases of students studing in the provinces where miliary operation

Statement of opinion regarding the graduate students who provide legal commitment that they are not employees

Themes that would contain questions graduate admission Master and Phd(Architectural design-Urban design)  

Circulate summaries of reseach activity

Exams schedule for second attempt 2013-2014

The results of the initial stages of the first round 2013-2014
Beneficiaries after the inclusion of students with five degrees without the need to change the case

Instuction to the security of the  delegates out of Iraq

Award for women and sience

The results of the first attempt for post graduate

Announcement to students applying for postgraduate studies for the academic year 2014-2015

 Administration Committee of the Technological University project

volunteered form in the popular army

Ministry council scholarships

Award Announcement

The results of the fifth class / first stage for the academic year 2013-2014

The project of preparing the development leaders in Baghdad

Announcement to the students (except the  students of the fifth class ) .

Thanks and appreciation from Machines And Equipment Engineering Department to the Department of Architecture

Modifing the seminar schedule for post -graduate students at research stage

Swedish fellowships

Book registration

Recommendations Of The National Symposium To Launch A National Strategy For The Prevention And Control Of The Transitional Disease .

Higher Studies Calendar For The Academic Year 2013-2014

Re-Opening Of The University Of Sulaymaniyah For The Second Time

The Outcomes of the  (Research For Sale) Committee (legal aspect)

Course Of Teaching Methods And Virtual Library For The Period From 1 -12/6/2014

Obituary Of The Architect And Artist Shirin Hassan Al-Rawi

Architecture Department Activities from 10/4/2014 till 20/5/2014

Abolition Of A Student Because Of Fraud

Recommendations Of The National Symposium To Launch A National Strategy For The Prevention And Control Of The Transitional  Disease

UNESCO Chair Project

Architecture Department News From 18/5/2014 till 2/6/2014