( ECO-Techno Group )



Recycling mechanism considered as an Initiative made by (ECO-Techno Group) recycling plastic bottles, to create new combinations of shapes .
The images below show the main steps of the work:
Empty plastic bottles was collected from backyards ,processed and cleaned only in 7 days by members of the group and dormitories of University of Technology.
The plastic caps, the bottle and the brand were formed in many shapes .

Within this activity , (ECO-Techno Group) is inviting the specialists and researchers at the University of Technology to set up a project that will Characterizes the performance of our university .the project concern is to
to recycle plastic bottles that are available in many places within the University complex (scientific departments , dormitories and cafeterias) especially in the summer as Recycling process which represents the step first towards classifying University of Technology as environment friend. This group is supporting all students and employees through upgrading environmental awareness related to recycling and classification of wastes.
On the occasion of University of Technology celebrations Day in April 2015, the establishment of a (ECO-Techno Group) was announced represented by first year students under the supervision of design lecturers to be the first step towards including all the students and employees of Department of Architecture and even the University Of Technology as a whole.
This group is concerned within the issues of environmental reservation and environmental awareness in the University of Technology and the local community in order to build a safe and healthy environment as we live in polluted environment which required more caring . Our university's environment (for example) is employees and students responsibility which this group tend to highlight this issue .

The most important (ECO-Techno Group) goals are :

Increasing environmental awareness among university employees and society , through explaining environmental health factors.
Enhancing and creating positive environmental conduct among employees and society
Environmental ability in learning and environmental awareness development to achieve sustainable environment to contribute in the improvement of life style and well-being for the future generations.
Citations and the rule of awareness
Quran and Prophetic commands to the preserve the environment and resources. It the verses from Quran: ((Not mischief in the land and the sin of shirk after repair resurrected apostles)) (Al-ARAAF verse 56) ((Do not make mischief in the land)) (Al-Baqra Verse:60)), ((and Allah does not like corrupters.)) (Surat Al-Mā'idah 64). . and many more. corruption in the land that is either physically sabotage or contamination or morally corruption by dissemination of vices.
Prophetic commands concerns with preserving the resources and earth , Bukhari and Muslim Hadith books showed that Anas ibn Malik reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace ( There is no Muslim instills Garcia or planting implants eats it a bird or a human being or an animal , but has had a charity ). Within this meaning there are a lot of many other Muslim Hadith.
Musnad Ahmad and Bukhari book (singular literature) that Anas reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "If the Final Hour comes while you have a palm-cutting in your hands and it is possible to plant it before the Hour comes, you should plant it."

Environment awareness in literature
The damage caused by human to the environment at the present time, is no less damage for caused by the elements of nature in the past."
If you have the chance of choosing an action , make sure that it is the w ay of nature. Aristotle.
Man is the product of nature in which he live. G. de Maupassant
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein
If only we know what we do when we dig , cut ,plague plants. We harm the growing countryside when we dig or cut even if we mean to make them grow . Next generations will not guess where was beauty. Gerard Hopkins
Natural environment conserving should not be the responsibility by government itself but it is also the responsibility called upon individuals to play a role in ensuring the region sustainability.. Cheikh Zayed

To the University of Technology students
Our Iraqi rivers , our environment kept calling no more pollution
our environment is our future, our environment represents us. Make it the most beautiful. No pollution.
our environment is the mirror reflects our country to the world... no pollution
our environment is our future keep it clean... no pollution.
Throwing dirt on floor reflects your attitudes and sanitary habits .let us begin with fresh start , our life is precious ..no pollution ..
No pollution, our behavior should reflects our method by keeping our university and house clean.
Keeping our University Clean and beautiful should be our concern .
we should apply our environmental awareness methods and preserve our environment cleanliness .
How to express our life style? keep our university and environment clean .
Together to achieve our goal towards a healthy and beautiful environment.
Together to keep our university environment clean.