Honoring Ceremony


Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Amin Daway Thamer a ceremony has been set up to honor the retiring faculty members in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Prof. Dr. Asem Hamid Yusuf and Lecturer Abdul Karim Salman Abdul Karim) on Tuesday, 16/6 / 2015 at exactly twelve o'clock noon and half at D.munir Muzaffar hall. Also,  to honor the following faculty members for scientific upgrade:

Dr. Hassan Mohammed Alwan                   Dr. Sadeq Huddein Baki                Dr. Ammar Salim

Dr. Ghazi Faisal Salloum                                 Lec. Qahtan Adnan Abbass          Dr. Ali Lafta

Asst. Lec. Norah Saleh Ekab                         Asst. Lec. Ali Hussein Alwan        Asst. Lec. Ahmed Hussein  

Asst. Lec. Ali Jabbar Dawood

the president of the university also delivered a speech and praised the great effort of the teaching staff and gentlemen honored through many years of hard work left a clear imprint in the march of the university and department, also delivered a Dr. Imad Nateq Abdul Wahab and Dr. Sadeq Jaafer Aziz their speeches about the retiree explaining scientific careers and their resumes and their performance in the department and that they had assumed positions in the university during the period of employment, then gave the President of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Moyed Rezouki his speech in which he described the retiree and wished them a sense of longevity and safety, at the end of the ceremony, President of the University presented the University Shield to lecturers retiring, was also presented certificates of appreciation to the rest of the honorees by Dr. Qassim Abbas the and Dr. Shaker, the head of the promotion committee.