CAE and CAD group of the Mechanical Engineering Department publishes a book in the German publishing house


Book was published by assistant professor Dr Laith Jaffer Habib, Dr. Nabih Nateq, and Hammam Kareem in the German publishing house Lambert International Publishing in our department for the support of the department and the university scientific march to keep pace with progress in science. The book entitled:

ANSYS Workbench for Mechanical Engineering

The book offers a platform of mechanical engineering in the subject of enhanced engineering Computerization using the ANSYS Workbench program which includes most of the topics of Mechanical Engineering, which is given to the student during the four years, in addition to the  link between more of a substance or aware of any merger and the link between temperature and fluid or material defects, vibrations or movement forces and heat transfer or all of this together and closer to the engineering reality. As this book offers real practical examples are visible in three dimensions for most of the topics of mechanical engineering and linking these engineering materials and teaches students and makes them design and imitate mechanical systems or engineering case studied and review scientific results visually in order to increase awareness and understanding of the student to (CAE) and materials that we simulate, also all of the mechanical engineering materials.