Mechano Al-Khair


Under the slogan (to make our mark in our university better Oitamna) students of the mechanical engineering department at the University of Technology systems and under the supervision of head of the department campaign (Meccano goodness) where this campaign is aimed at raising funds to help the displaced and orphans. Where the notes when you log in to the buildings of the department and there is a glass box stylish fundraiser decorated with flowers, toys, books on this fund:

Let's make our mark in our university good.

Due to experience by our country and our people in Iraq, the general regions of the existence of a large number of our people and displaced people and others who need to extend a helping hand to them, in order to draw the joy on their faces and the satisfaction of God in them and satisfaction of ourselves in our country and our people service. It regulates the Mechanical Engineering Department and requested by the graduates of the school year (2015-2016) and in cooperation with the presidency of the University of Technology and the presidency of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Campaign (Meccano goodness), which includes the work of donations for each of contributing to the success of this work likes to perhaps be the reason for the help of God you satisfied with the Almighty.