An appointment to discuss doctoral Dissertation student

Ibrahim Musa Hassan


According to the recommended by the Graduate Studies Committee and the endorsement of the Department Council at its open meeting held in sixteen 06/26/2016 decided to form a committee to discuss the doctoral student (Ibrahim Musa Hassan) specialization Applied Mechanics tagged to his thesis:

Effect of Surface Anodic Coating on Mechanical Strength and Fatigue

Live of Aluminum Alloys

From selves listed below:

Note that it has been holding for Alastelal thesis under the Minutes of the Committee Alastelal in 07.09.2016 and resident of linguistic O.d.arcan anklet Hussein and the date of the debate on Thursday, 27/10/2016 at nine o'clock in the morning,
Dr. Munir Muzaffar Hall in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Date of Publication 1/12/2016