The Presidency of the Center


The board of the center

The Center board includes all of the following gentlemen:

1. Chairman of the Board: Prof. Dr. Amin Douai Thamer (Head University of Technology).

2. Vice-President of the board: Teacher Assistant Mahdi Mohammed Mall (the director of Electronic cultural services center).

3. Legal Counsel: expert Abdul Hussein al-Khatib.

4. Member of the Board: Dr. Wisam Kazem Hamdan (Scientific deputy).

5. Member of the Board:  Assistant lecturer Mahdi Mattar hanoon (Department of Production Engineering and minerals).

6. Member of the Board: Eng. Russell Aziz Fadel (E -Cultural Services Center).

7.  Member of the board : Assist.Eng. Nasser Naim Hamza (E Cultural Services Center).

8. Financial Member: seniorAccountant  Thuha Qassim Abdul Sattar(Financial Affairs Department).