Centers Prices



Center Prices


Ordinary printing (black and white)A4 125
Printing picture(black and white)A4 250
Color Printing( scheme)A4 500
Color Printing(picture)A4 750
Editing and printing one page A4 250
Scanning one page A4 250
Ordinary printing (black and white)A3 250
Color Printing( scheme)A3 1000
Color Printing(picture)A3 1500
Copying CD 500
Copying DVD 1000
Typing and printing one page A4 500
Typing and  without printing one page A4 400
Typing one page in English language  A4 1500
Typing one page in Arabic language  A4 125
Typing  equations and print a drawing functions 3500
Typing  equations without printing 3400
Designing a card 3000
Designing a presentation page using power point 250
Editing a picture 250
Designing a form 250
Printing a map(120*85)A0 6000
Printing a map(85*59)A1 3000
Printing a map(59*42)A2 1500
Editing using Auto Cad Program 2000
Designing using Auto Cad Program 5000
Printing  maps(black and white) A4 250
Printing  maps(color) A4 500
Printing  maps(black and white) A3 500
Printing  maps(color) A4 1000
Designing a calendar A4 1500
The transfer of information from usb flash drive to other or from computer to usb flash drive 250
Convert from Word to PDF  500