Reports of Delegates


 Scientific reports of the delegates of the employees of the department
The name of the delegate / delegates Objective point of the delegation Date
1 Asst. Prof. Dr. Muayad S. Croock Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program, The University of Central Oklahoma,U.S. 26/06/2015
2 Asst. Lect. Afnan Adel 15th International IT Conference, University of Nizwa,Sultanate of Oman 9-11/12/2014
3 lectr. Sarmad A. Altaie Basrah - Second International Conference of Mathematics and its Applications 23/10/2013
4 Dr. Basim Abd Albaki Korea / University of Hosio- holding Memorandum of Understanding with our university in the field of scientific and cultural exchanges in order to coordinate and negotiate 9/11/2012

Dr. Hasan Ewhayed

Dr.Mohammed Najm Abdullah

Taiwan-training on laboratory equipment 23/9/2012
6 Dr. Hasan Ewhayed Germany - IT conference 25/09/2010
7 Dr. Mahmud K. Al-Shammari UK - Visiting Herot Wat University 13/09/2010
8 Eng. Raghdah Jameel Germay - IT Training Course 15/04/2010
9 Dr. Muhanad Muneer Russia - Obtaining Phd degree in Megatronics 10/11/2005