Title Oral exam for MSc student (Ridhab Sami Abd Ali) (1/08/2017)
Date 1-8-2017

Title Oral exam for MSc student (Zena Mohammed Faris) (1/08/2017)
Date 1-8-2017

Title Competitive examination for Graduate Studies (1/08/2017)
Date 1-8-2017

Title Announcement// Meeting days with the Head of the Department (10/1/2016)
Date 10-1-2017

Title Seminar entitled "Rainfall Forecasting model using Artificial Neural Network" (10/1/2017)
Date 10-1-2017

Title Seminar entitled "IOS application development" (10/1/2017)
Date 10-1-2017

Title Seminar entitled "Indoor Localization of Wheelchair for Disable Children" (10/1/2017)
Date 10-1-2017

Title Announcement// final exam schedule for the academic year 2015-2016 (3rd attempt) (25/10/2016)
Date 25-10-2016

Title Graduate timetable for the academic year 2016-2017 (23/10/2016)
Date 23-10-2016

Title Meeting at the Computer Engineering Department (5/10/2016)
Date 5-10-2016

Title Announcement// To the graduated students/ Diploma (Viva Date) (5/10/2016)
Date 5-10-2016

Title weekly schedule of undergraduate studies for the academic year 2016-2017 (28/9/2016)
Date 28-9-2016

Title Announcement// To the postgraduate students of the academic year 2016-2017 (22/9/2016)
Date 22-9-2016

Title Discussion of MSc student (Amthal Khalel Musa)(14\1\2015)
Date 14-1-2015

Title Discussion of MSc student (Yassin Khader Yassin)(5\1\2015)
Date 5-1-2015

Title Scientific trip of fourth year students (31\12\2014)
Date 31-12-2014

Title A Meeting with fourth year students(7\12\2014)
Date 7-12-2014

Title Discussion of MSc student (Hussein Azim Abbas)(2\11\2014)
Date 2-11-2014

Title Discussion of MSc student (Mina Khader Obaid)(2\11\2014)

Title The General Commission of the Department of Computer Engineering
Date 22-9-2014

Title Seminar entitled (Design and Implementation an Intelligent Routing Algorithm for Large Scale Packet Networks)
Date 15-12-2013

Title Seminar entitled (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)
Date 12-12-2013

Title Seminar entitled (Line Matching Across Catadioptric Image)
Date 8-12-2013

Title Seminar entitled (LTE Based Mobile Systems)
Date 5-12-2013

Title Seminar entitled (Interaction Fuzzy Filter with Kalman Filter for Reduction of the Mixed Noise from Gray and Color Image))
Date 1-12-2013

Title Seminar entitled (Authentication and Verification of keystroke Dynamics Features using PCA )
Date 24-11-2013

Title Seminar entitled (Letter Recognition Using Neural Network Train by Bee Algorithm
Date 29-10-2013

Title Seminar entitled (Authentication & Encryption of SMS)
Date 27-10-2013

Title Seminar entitled (Design Different Fuzzy PID Controller for Single Link Flexible Joint Robotic System Using FPGA)
Date 10-10-2013

Title Seminar entitled (Investigating and Implementing – AES algorithm based on FPGA Platform)
Date 9-10-2013

Title Seminar entitled (Color Image Noise Removing Based on Fuzzy and Histogram)
Date 8-10-2013

Title Seminar entitled (Enhancement of Network Steganography using Swarm intelligence)
Date 7-10-2013

Title Seminar entitled (Wireless Sensor Networks Physical Layer Performance , Investigation and Enhancement)
Date 6-10-2013

Title Seminar entitled (Writing of Scientific Papers and Thesis: Avoiding Plagiarism)
Date 1-10-2013