Photovoltaic properties enhancement of solar cell based on porous silicon
Mukhlis M Ismail, Bassam G Rasheed, Ali H Al-Hamdani, Abdulhadi K Judran

Photoelectrochemical and electrochemical etching of conventional silicon solar cells of various thicknesses was conducted to the synthesis nanostructured solar cell of higher conversion efficiency. It is found that the conversion efficiency of the solar cell synthesized with the help of laser beam is higher that those etched electrochemically. The Atomic Force Microscope & Scanning Electron Microscope images imply that the pore diameter decreases from 40 μmusing 530 nm laser wavelength to 15 μm when 405 nmwavelength was employed. The best hydrofluoric acid concentration to produce higher efficiency was 20%. Image analysis has been carried out to characterize the microstructured surface using computer software. Web Site:  Web Site for Article