A Study on the Mechanical Properties for Ternary Polymer Blends
Awham M. Hameed

In this work, two ternary polymer blends were prepared by mixing EP with (UP/PSR) and (PVC/PSR) respectively. Different mixing ratios were used (5, 10, 15 and 20) wt.% of the added polymers. Impact, tensile, compression, flexural and hardness tests were performed on the prepared blends. The results of testing showed that the first ternary blend A (EP/UP/PSR) records tensile strength values higher than that of the second ternary blend B (EP/ PVC/PSR). At 20wt.% of mixing, the blend B records higher impact strength than that of the blend A. There is large difference in the flexural behavior between A and B blends where the blend A records the highest value of flexural strength (F.S) at (5wt.%) while the blend B records the highest value of (F.S) at (20wt.%). From compression test, it is obvious that the values of compressive strength decrease of blend B more than that of the blend A as well as the same behavior can be obtained through the hardness test. Web Site:  Web Site for Article