Fuzzy Fractal Dimension Based on Escape Time Algorithm
Nadia M. G. Al-Saidi , Arkan J. Mohammed , Adil M. Ahmed

Fractal dimension is a mathematical concept used to measure the geometrical complexity of fractal set. It is defined for fractal geometric images, and considered as global features for them. There are many methods to estimate the fractal dimension of an object. The box counting dimension is an easier and a widely used one, while the escape time dimension is another method used to estimate the dimension of fractals generated using escape time algorithm. These methods are used to calculate the dimension for monochrome images (2Dimages). The necessity to generalize these concepts to be applicable for real world application ( e.g. gray scale image, or colored images) has motivating us to introducing the concepts of fuzzy sets. Fuzzy fractal dimension is proposed as the fractal feature for n-dimensional image. In this paper, a new approach to determine fractal dimension is proposed and a new local fuzzy fractal dimension based on this approach is proposed also. It will help to extend this feature to be used in many real world applications that cannot be served based on traditional fractal dimension. By this new approach, the FD is estimated with a reduced number of computational processes. This will helps to improve the complexity of the escape time algorithm that is considered as an NP-Hard problem, and with high precision results.
Keywords: Fractal dimension (FD), attractor, escape time algorithm, fuzzy set, fuzzy fractal dimension (FFD)
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