Effect of nanoparticles on the antibacterial activity of antibiotics
Khawla S. Khashan, Thorria R. Marzoog, Wasnaa H. Mohammed and Rana S. Noori

In this work, CdS nanoparticles were synthesized via chemical method and its activity on microorganism pathogens was investigated. X- ray Diffraction (XRD), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and UV-VIS transmission spectroscopic analysis were utilized to characterize the crystalline structure, size, transmission spectra of nanoparticles. Diffraction analysis confirms the formation of cubiform and hexangular structures of nanoparticle, The AFM show the formation of combination of nanoparticle with particle size travel 7 – 20 (nm). The CdS nanoparticles improve the antibacterial activity of antibiotic and showed effective repressive activity against the pathogens. that increase as nanoparticles concentration was hyperbolic.
Key words: Nanoparticles, Antibacterial activity.
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