Effect of Deposition Parameters on Kinematics Growth and Optical Properties of PbS Nano Films Deposited by Chemical Bath Deposition
Ali M. Mousa, Slma M. Hassen, S. Mohmoed

The paper presents a study regarding the kinetic of chemical bath deposition (CBD) PbS nano films. Nano films were deposited from chemical bath containing thiourea, lead nitrite, and ammonia. The deposition kinematics and optical investigations have been performed to compare the properties of the films grown with different precursor solutions. We are able to determine the growth rate as a function of the synthesis conditions and it was found that the growth rate of deposited nano layer affected significantly by synthesis conditions. The main characteristic of nano films is the band gap. This parameter determined from spectroscopy Measurements of transmission, in the energy range of 240-840 nm is influenced by many factors such as deposition time, bath temperature, pH value of the path and molar concentration of the reactants.
Keywords: nano film; chemical bath deposition; PbS films
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