Correlation Between Kinematics, Optical and Structural Properties of Size Quantized PbS Nano Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis
Ali M. Mousa

We report the synthesis and microstructural properties of nanostructured lead sulphide films grown on glass substrates using spray pyrolysis techniques. The obtained PbS nanostructured films were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD). Experiments confirmed that the thin films grown by this technique had good crystalline cubic structures. Lattice parameter, crystallite size, average internal stress and micro strain of the film were calculated and correlated with molarities of the solutions. Both; size and strain were found to contribute in the broadening of X-ray diffraction line. The values of the average grain size and strain obtained were within the range 4–7 nm and 0.0178 - 0.0625 respectively. The best film was prepared at 250°C and 0.06M.
Keywords: Nano films; Lead sulfide; Spray pyrolysis; Quantum size.
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