The Effect of Apigenin on Gram Positives and Negative Bacteria
Dr.Entessar H.Ali

The antibacterial effect of Apigenin was evaluated by an in vitro study testing the growth of various Gram-Posative and Gram-Negative bacteria . The bactericidal activity of this extract was analyzed by serial dilution in tubes. This study,found that Gram-Negative and Gram-Positive bacteria susceptible to lower Apigenin concentrations. On the other hand, Gram-Negative bacteria were more susceptible than Gram-Positives bacteria, the minimal bactericidal concentration of Gram-Negative bacteria was 2 mg ml-1 but minimal bactericidal concentration of Gram-Positive bacteria was 4 mg ml-1 that mean doable inhibation concentration of Gram-negative bacteria . This study suggest that Apigenin have inhibation effect against Gram-Posative and Gram-Negative bacteria and Apigenin was natural material found in Iraq and world with little side effect.