Study the Effect of oblique Deposition on Electrical and Thermoelectric Properties of Zn thin films
Dr. Ali M .Mousa , Dr. Muslim F.Jawad , Wafaa K. Khalef

The effect of deposition angle on the electrical and thermoelectric properties of deposited thin zinc film was studied. The films was deposited using oblique angle deposition method (OAD) by vaccum evaporation with resistive heating technique at different deposition angles (0, 50, 60, 70and 80). Electrical properties revealed a dependence on deposition angle, dark conductivity decreases from 7.5×104 to1.5 × 104 (Ω cm) −1 when deposition angle increases from 0◦ to 80◦. I-V characteristic shows ohmic behavior and the dark current decreases with increases deposition angle. The decrease in electrical conductivity is mainly due the columnar structure accompyined oblique deposition films. Thermoelectric properties were studied, the seeback coefficient, figure of merit, and power factor (PF) dependence on deposition angle (Ө◦), and the Seeback coefficient shows a positive value.
Keywords: Oblique Deposition, Thermoelectric properties, Seeback Coefficient.