Study the Effect of Deposition Angle on Structural Properties of Zn thin films
Dr. Ali M .Mousa , Dr. Muslim F.Jawad , Wafaa K. Khalef

The effect of deposition angle on the structural properties of deposited Zn thin metallic film was studied. The films were deposited obliquely at different angles (0º, 50º, 60º, 70ºand 80º) by vaccum evaporation with resistive heating technique at different deposition angles. XRD technique used to study the crystalline structure of these films .confirm the polycrystalline nature of these films and the higher intensity accompanied that deposited with (70˚). Some structural parameters such as grain size, micro strain, shape factor, number of layers as a function of deposition angle were calculated. The surface morphology of the deposited materials has been studied using atomic force microscopes (AFM) and optical reflection microscope. The AFM results revel an increase in the film's roughness from (33.7 to 39.2) nm when ◦ change from 0◦ to 80◦. Reflection microscope results showed that the smoothness and homogeneity of the films are decreasing with increasing the deposition angle Ө˚, and the surface roughness increased with increasing angle.
Keywords: oblique deposition, thin films, X-ray diffraction.