Simulation of Multilayer Layer Antireflection Coating for Visible and Near IR Region on Silicon Substrate Using Matlab Program
Dr. Khaled Z.Yahya , Dr. Jehan Admon Saimon , Hiba S. Tarik

In this work , double layer and three antireflection coating were designed and simulated , optical reflection values were deduced with a matrix formulation via a personal computer using matlab program, six materials has been selected to investigated of the reflection as function of wavelength in visible region and near IR between (400- 1200nm) on silicon substrate and central wavelength at 900nm the result show double layer quarter-quarter wave optical thickness has good preference antireflection has been reduced reflection from 32% for silicon surface to 3% and for three layer coatings , the results obtained broadband antireflection spectra and several form antireflection that have zero reflection in double and three layer antireflection coating . The refractive index and the optical thickness of each layer are adjusting to optimum antireflection coatings on silicon solar cells .
Keywords: antireflection,thin film,matlab,simulation, reflection .