Novel Analytical Method for the Determination of Theophylline in Pharmaceutical Preparations
Yasmien K. Al-Majedy, Ahmed A. Hussain Al-Amiery, Hiba H. Almoussaoy and Ragad Khweter

The aim of present work is to develop an accurate and sensitive novel method for the determination of theophylline in pharmaceutical drugs. The complex formation between copper(II) and theophylline was studied in methanolic media. Complex formation depends on reaction conditions at different metal-toligand molar ratios. The mononuclear violet complex Cu(Theophylline)4 contains four ligands in a neutral form bound monodentately (through the nitrogen) with an octahedral geometry. The new analytical method based on measuring absorbance in UV-visible at ╬╗max 400nm. Optimum pH was estimated. Linearity (40-250), detection limits 07*10-7M. were determined. The complex was characterized with UVvisible and IR spectra in addition of CHNM analysis. The molar ratio also investigated and found 1:4(Cu: Theophylline).
Key words: Characterization, copper, metal complex and Theophylline.
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