An Approximate Solutions of Fuzzy Linear Fredholm Integral Equations
Dr. Nuha Abduljabbar Rajab , Mazin Hashim Suhhiem

Eng. & Tech. Journal, Vol.28, No.6, 2010 Theoretical Aspects of some Mechanical Properties of Composites Dr. Sabah S. AbdulNoor , Dr. Ahmad Al-Beiruti , Mustafa H. Nashat Abstract In the present wok, two mathematical models are constructed in order to define the detailed nature of composite. The first one is based on the classical Rule of Mixtures, (RoM) which is normally rotted from the ordinary strength of materials. The second model is based on the theory of elasticity, which deals with the detailed response of the internal macrostructure of the composite. A virtual composite was assumed to be formed of a number of matrices (Epoxy resin & Nickel) containing various inclusions (Carbon fibres & powder, E-glass fibres & powder, and Kevlar fibres) in sequential permutations. In general, the elasticity model E, exhibited various degrees of superiority to the RoM depending on the mechanical parameters in question and the mechanism by which it influences the internal details of the material.
Keywords: composites, modelling.