Study of Some Structural, Electrical Properties of CuS Thin Films Deposited by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Method
Ban Kh. Mohammed

In this research CuS thin films have been prepared by Spray pyrolysis to study their structural, electrical properties .The results of (X-Ray ) diffraction also illustrate that highest degree of phases purity can do obtained by increasing the concentration of copper salts , conversely , films may have multi-phase structure and incorporate impure insulator phases.The films ,which were prepared from copper chloride , develop the highest degree of phase homogeneity . The results of electrical measurements represented by Hall effect , resistivity and temperature variation of conductivity illustrate from the mobility of the charge carrier has value of (0.02~1.31cm2V -1s -1), Temperature variation of Conductivity has been explained in terms of occurrin in the films . Although , high activation energy (0.17~0.67eV) at relatively low temperature refers to the probability of involving ionic Conductivity.