Shifted Chybeshev Polynomials for a Certain Systemof Fractional Order Integro-Differential Equations
Ahmed M. Shuker

The main goal of this paper lies briefly in submitting and modifying some numerical methods for solving system of linear Fractional order Integro- Differential Equations of Fredholm type (L.FFIDE's). in this method four kinds of shifted Chybeshev polynomials (T* ,U* ,V* and W* ) are used as a bases of independed polynomials approximation fn(x) .The general fractional derivatives of these polynomials are formulated ) * * , * , * ( Wn D Tn D U n D Vn andD a a a a in the framework of the Riemann-liouville definition .Some numerical examples are solving to show that the different between these polynomials , furthermore Algorithms and programs by using MATLAB program are given .
Keywords : Shifted Chybeshev Polynomials, System of fractional integrodifferential equations.