Optical and Optoelectric Properties in PbCdS Ternary Thin Films Deposited by CBD
Modaffer.A. Mohammed , Dr. Ali M.Musa , Dr. J.P.Ponpon

PbxCd1-xS films have been prepared in the composition range of 0.05£ x£0.25 by using a chemical bath deposition growth technique under optimum conditions to deposit good photo response. X-ray diffraction study results show that the films are of PbS-CdS composite with individual CdS and PbS planes. The films exhibited two direct band gaps, 2.4 eV belongs to CdS, and the second varies continuously from 2.4eV to 1.3eV. The surface morphology of the films is smooth with crystallite of increasing grain size with increasing the mole fraction (x). The decrease in the band gap with increase in lead concentration suggests that the Composite of PbS (Eg=0.41eV) with CdS (Eg=2.4eV).
Keywords: Ternary Thin FilmsChemical Bath Deposition