Influence of Natural Fiber on the Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Composites
Noor S. Sadeq

The present study deals with the effects of natural fibers on some mechanical properties of the Epoxy composite.This research was carried out by reinforcing the matrix (Epoxy) resin with natural material (cane sugar fibers) and synthetic fibers (chopped carbon fibers). The natural fibers were exposure to chemical treatment before reinforcement.
The hybrid composites contain of chopped carbon and cane sugar fibers is produced using hand lay method. Each sample was reinforced with different volume fraction such as 30%, 20%, and 10%. After preparation of composite material some of the mechanical properties flexural and impact tests were studied of prepared samples.
Cane sugar composite has the higher values (of flexural strength 490.77 MPa and of impact strength 93.92 KJ/m2 ) than chopped carbon composites (flexural strength 93.19 MPa and impact strength 23.92 KJ/m2 ). It was found that the additions of natural fibers (cane sugar) to chopped carbon fibers improve of the mechanical properties of hybrid composites.