A study of phagocytic cell activity in patients with tineaversicolor
Zainab Jihad Taqi

Phagocytic cells activity had been studied in patients with Tinea versicolor by using intracellular killing method with Staphylococcus aureus .This study included (38)patients divided in to three groups ,first group included (11) patients before treatment ,age range (22-43)years, second group included (17) patients under treatment ,age range (20-49)years, while last group included (10) patients off of treatment .The result had been shown ,the presence of signinicant decrease ( p≤0.001) in the activity of phagocytic cells with first and second patients groups< while there is no significant results with last group when the results were compared to the control group which included (17) healthy persons, are range (20-45) years.