Preparation of iron oxide nanoparticles-decorated carbon nanotube using laser ablation in liquid and their antimicrobial activity
Khawla S. Khashana , Ghassan M. Sulaimanb and Rafal Mahdia

The antimicrobial activity was investigated for iron oxide IO nanoparticles (NPs)-decorated carbon nanotubes CNT prepared successfully by Nd:YAG-pulsed laser ablation in the liquid process. TEM reveals the composite NP and exhibits semispherical of iron oxide NPs, which aggregate around rolled and unrolled graphene sheet. XRD pattern proved the presence of carbon and different phases of IO NPs. Then, the antibacterial activity of the NPs was examined against different bacteria using nutrient broth and nutrient agar methods, which was enhanced using IO. In addition, the wound-healing activity for the best antibacterial concentration is tested by using animal models successfully..
Keywords: Antibacterial activity, wound healing, composite nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, iron oxide nanoparticles, pulse laser ablation in liquid
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