Effect of ZnO Layers on Porous Silicon Properties
UdayMuhsinNayef , Mohammed WaleedMuayad , HaiderAmerKhalaf

In this paper the preparation of porous silicon (p-type) has been established by electrochemical etching and deposited by ZnO thin film using a chemical spray pyrolysis method. The results of this paper include the AFM study shows an improvement in the structural stability of the PS substrate with crystalline growth of ZnO thin film, the XRD measurement shows decreasing in crystal size of Porous Silicon after coating with ZnO, the photoluminescnce spectra that explained in a blue – shifting in porous silicon layer comes from an oxidation on the porous silicon surface, and the Raman spectra shows shifting to low vibration energy level which comes from decreasing in pore diameter of the PS and decreasing in the grain size of ZnO particle.
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