A hybrid of fractal image coding and fractal dimension for an efficient retrieval method
Nadia M. G. Al-Saidi1 Shaimaa S. Al-Bundi Neseif J. Al-Jawari

Fractal image coding (FIC) based on the inverse problem of an iterated function system plays an essential role in several areas of computer graphics and in many other interesting applications. Through FIC, an image can be transformed to compressed representative parameters and be expressed in a simple geometric way. Dealing with digital images requires storing a large number of images in databases, where searching such databases is time consuming. Therefore, finding a new technique that facilitates this task is a challenge that has received increasing attention from many researchers. In this study, a new method that combines fractal dimension (FD) which is an indicator of image complexity with the FIC scheme is proposed. Classifying images in databases according to their texture by using FD helps reduce the retrieval time of query images. The validity of the proposed method is evaluated using geosciences images. Result shows that the method is computationally attractive.
Fractal encodingFractal dimensionIterated function systemFractal inverse problemCollage theorem
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