The 1st Symposium in Mathematics in Multidisciplinary Aspects

Under the auspices of President of University of Technology Prof. Dr.Amin D. Thamir & Head of Applied Sciences Department Prof. Dr. Ali M. Al-Zuhery Applied Mathematics discipline in Applied Sciences Department Cooperated with IEEE Iraq section organizes The 1st Symposium on : : Mathematics and Multidisciplinary Aspects. April- 4-2012 9:00 AM On Petroleum Technology Department Room


Mathematics is an integral part of almost every area of science. Problems in engineering, computational science and the physical and biological sciences are using increasingly sophisticated mathematical techniques. They regularly use mathematics to better understand the systems they study. Thus, the bridge between the mathematical sciences and other disciplines is heavily traveled. The correspondingly increased dialog between the disciplines has led to the establishment of the series: Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics.

The Objective

The objective of this symposium is to meet the current and future needs for the interaction between various science and technology areas on the one hand, and mathematics on the other. That is to engage mathematics directly in science by using mathematics to understand real world systems. This is done, firstly, by encouraging the ways that mathematics may be applied in traditional areas, as well as point towards new and innovative areas of applications; and secondly, by encouraging other scientific disciplines to engage in a dialog with mathematicians to outlining their problems to both access new methods as well as to suggest innovative developments within mathematics itself.

Symposium Program

    9:00 Welcome Session
  • Head of Applied Science Department
  • (Professor Dr. Ali. M. Al-Zuhery)

    9:10 Interdisciplinary of Science
  • ( Professor Dr. Adil Mahmood Ahmed)

    9:50 Information Security & Multidisciplinary.
  • Chairman of IEEE IRAQ Section
  • ( Dr. Eng. Sattar B. Sadkhan)

    10:20 Mathematical Ideas that Shaped the World.
  • ( Associ. Prof. Dr. Nuha A.Rejab)

    10:50 Tea Break & Posters Evaluation.

    11:10 Multidisciplinary and Professional \ Programs
  • (Professor Dr. Walid K.Hamody)

    11:40 Overlapping branches of Mathematics
  • (Associ. Prof. Dr. Shatha A. Salman)

    12:10 Fractals and Multidisciplinary Applications
  • (Associ. Prof. Dr.Nadia M. Al-Saidi)

    12:40 Close Session
  • Head of Applied Mathematics.
  • (Associ. Prof. Dr. Basem N. Abood)

  • Certificates

  • Lunch

Organization Committee

  • Bushra eesa kashem
  • Hayatt adel ali
  • Vyan abd Almohsin Zainalabden
  • Zainab abd- allah Sultan
  • Nada Aasem abd al-hameed jaseem
  • Mohammed Ali Rady Abbas
  • Jabbar abed eleiwy

Posters Committee

  • Associ. Prof. Dr. Nuha A.Rajab
  • Associ. Prof. Dr. Shatha A. Salman
  • Associ. Prof. Dr.Nadia M. Al-Saidi
  • Associ Prof. Fouad Abd-AlHamid
  • Dr. Anwar Khalil Farag
  • Eman hasan oda
  • Sama fouad ibrahim
  • Shaimaa Hussain Saleh
  • Lemia abd .ALameer hady
  • Rasha Galal mtlef
  • Raghad Ibrahim Sabry
  • Mayadh Nezar Mohammed
  • Fatema A. Sadeq
  • Noor Ali Hussain
  • Fayqa Naeil

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