Research published in scientific journals 2011 Back

No Title researcher / researchers Publisher
1 Omnidirectional Mirrors for Porous Silicon Multilayer by Electrochemical Etching Dr. Uday Muhsin Nayef Eng. & Tech. Journal ,Vol.29, No.15, 2011
2 Preparation and characterization of colloidal ZnO nanoparticles using nanosecond laser ablation in water Raid A. Ismail
Abdulrahman K. Ali
MukhlisM. Ismail
Khaleel I. Hassoon
AppliedNanoscience (2011) 1:45–49
DOI 10.1007/s13204-011-0006-3
3 Dielectric and ferroelectric properties of Ba0.8Sr0.2Ti1-5x/4NbxO3 ceramics. Wan Q. Cao
Li Yang
Mukhlis M. Ismail
Ping Feng
Ceramic International, 37(2011)1587-159
4 Study of Effect Physical Properties at Composite Ceramic by Different Parameters Hassan H. Abd Al Qadisiya Journar for Engineering Sciences Vol : 4 , No : 2
5 Properties of Layered PbI2 Doped with Al and Co Ali M. Mousa , Natheer J. Al-rubaie Journal of Materials Science and Engineering 5 (2011) 32-40
6 General Evaluation of Biocide (Bt-ASF-1) Produced from Iraqi Isolate of Bacillus thuringiensis Ali S. Ahmed
S. Kadim
Firas. M. Sajet
jazair A. Juwaed
A. Hamdy
I. Atyia
S. A. Alhamid
Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology B 1 (2011) 669-674
Earlier title: Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, ISSN 1939-1250
7 Astudy of Some Mechanical Behavior on A Thermoplastic Material Awham M. H.
Zaid Ghanem M. Salih
Journal of Al-Nahrain University - Science Vol : 14, No : 3
8 Preparation of Silver Nanoparticles by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid Medium Abdulrahman Khalaf Ali
Dr. Dayah N. Raouf
Eng. & Tech. Journal ,Vol.29, No.15, 2011
9 Study The Mechanical Properties For Polyethylene Composites Reinforced By Fish Shell Particles Areej R. Saeed
Sewench N. Rafeeq
Eng. & Tech. Journal ,Vol.29, No.15, 2011
10 Study of Some Structural , Optical Properties of Copper Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Method Ban Kh. Mohammed
Mustafa A. Hassan
Eman H. Hadi
Eng. & Tech. Journal ,Vol.29, No.15, 2011
11 Evaluation of Some Cytogenetic Effects of Bt.ASF.1 in Lab.mice Ali S. Ahmed
Abass A. Mohammed
Eng. & Tech. Journal ,Vol.29, No.7, 2011
12 Design and Build a Controlled Hydrogen Fuel Cell Feeded by an Electric Circuit to Increase The Effectiveness Production of Hydrogen Gas Salama M. Hussin
Ehab A. Thabit
Eng. & Tech. Journal ,Vol.29, No.7, 2011