Mastar student in Material Science proved that thermal insulators with high porosity can be produced from local lraqi raw materials

The M.studet in material science sarah N .lbraheem defe nded her thesis last week .she succeeded in the preparation of themal insulators with high porosity from lraqi raw materials.
Thermal insulators can be produced py various techniques like inclusion of air stream with ceramic suspension and addition of low weight aggregates with the ceramic suspension .the researcher conducted a study for the utilization of foaming technique as a low cost approach to prepare thermal insulators with large content of air gaps to aid porosity .the method was simple and cost effective .
The examining committee included Dr.Mudhaffar A.Mohammed (ASSIST Prof.) as chairman ,Dr.wafaa A.Hussin(Assist Pro),member and Dr.mudhaffar Fuaad (Assist Pro)member ,Dr.Shihab A. Zaidan(Assist Pro), Supervisor and Dr.Abdul-khaiq Fawzi (Assist Pro) ,co- supervisor.