Characterization Of Annealed CAO/Si Hetrojunction Detector in Master thesis

Nuha F. Abd Al Rushed the student from Laser Physic branch has granted master degree on her thesis (Characterization Of Annealed CAO/Si Hetrojunction Detector).the discussion was take place in the building of the laser physics branch and the debate committee was comprised from : The assistant prof. Dr. Alwan M. Alwan a chairman The assistant perf.Dr. Geyhan E. Simon a member The assistant perf. Dr. Azhar Inaad Hassan / technological university /Applied science department a supervisor The assistant perf. Dr. Ra’ad K. Jamal / Baghdad university/science collage/physics section.. as a member The assistant perf.Dr. Bassam R. Ghalib …as a scientific export and assistant prof.Dr. Najim Abdul Kadhim as a lingual export. The thesis aims that in this work spray pyrolysis technique was used to prepared CuALO2 thin film deposited on n- type silicon with (10cm) resistivity and (100) orientation. The solution was mixture of copper chloride (CuCl2.2H2O) and aluminum chloride (aL2CL3.2H2O)salts with different concentration (1:1),(1:2), and (2;1)of (Cu:Al) ratio . It has been found that the concentration of (1:1) is the best and selected to be the ratio used to prepare thin film for studying the effect of laser annealing on the optical ,structural , electrical and optoelectronic properties.